Chapter 21

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9 months later

taylor pov

"selena come on! it's almost 8!" i shouted to selena who was in the bathroom.

sam always calls us at 8 pm once a month on facetime.


she sprinted out and jumped on my bed. i laughed and then my laptop rang for facetime.

i answered it right away and she popped up, "SAM!" we both squealed.

she laughed, "hey my 2 favorite people in the whole world. how are you guys?"

"lonely." selena said and pouted.

"i'm okay." i said and smiled weakly.

"how's grandma?" sam asked.

i felt a lump form in my throat.

"um grandma is...okay...weaker than before though." i said...totally lying.

"mom. stop lying to me."

i sighed, "she's bad sam. she's dying! she's dying and there's nothing i can do about it." i said and let tears drip from my eyes.

"mom. grandma is strong. she'll pull through okay? i promise. i love you so much mom."

i nodded, "i know you do baby i know."

"oh. sel i have a surprise for you." sam said.

"what is it?" selena asked.

sam smiled and moved the laptop and showed a picture of sam's tank with a picture of selena's album cover on it.

for you

"sam." selena said and smiled.

"the guys helped me put it up. you like it?"

selena smiled, "i love it baby...i miss you." she said weakly.

"i miss you too princess. i'll be home before you know it though alright?" we both nodded.

it then got quiet.

sam sat there just looking around.

"mom. can i talk to selena alone for just a minute?"

i looked at selena who was on the verge of tears, "of course baby."

"i love you sam." i said.

she smiled, "i love you too mom."

i stood up and left the room.

sam pov

"sel." i said.

she shook her head. i could see the tears dripping from her eyes, "sel look at me. please." i begged.

she lifted up her head and her eyes were red and she had tears racing rapidly down her cheeks.

i sighed, "baby. stop crying okay? i told you once and i'll tell you again. i'm coming home."

she nodded, "i know you did and i believe you sam. i'm just worried whether you'll be coming home in a body bag or not."

"i'm not going to die selena. i've been doing perfectly fine so far alright? see? no bullet wounds." i showed her my body that had no wounds in it. besides a few scratches of course.

"i'm just scared sam. for you."

"i know you are babe. and i love you for caring so much but i'm fine. i promise."

she sniffled and wiped her tears, "um. when do you...come home?"

"um...i wish i could tell you love. i don't know. it's getting pretty rough over hear with the attacks and all."

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