Chapter 61

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2 weeks later

sam pov

mom uploaded i know places to itunes and it hit #1 for a while but a thousand years and stitches are still at the top.


i walked into the house.

selena and mom are with the twins on a little trip to the park for the day.

i had a few interviews and photoshoots.

i smelt something funny.

i walked into terry's room.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!" i screamed at her.

she smiled, "hey sammy. how was the interviews?"

i can't believe this. there is an empty vodka bottle on the night table, and she is snorting cocaine, holding a joint of weed in her hand.

"good. what the hell are you doing?"

she shrugged, "living. want some?"

"what? no! no i stopped. i'm done with that garbage. and you said you were too." i said and frowned.

she smiled, "sam let's face it. once and addict, always an addict. selena and taylor can't boss you around and tell you what to do. come on. you know you want to."

i do want to.

no sam. you promised selena and mom.

you can't do this. they will kill you.

"come on sam. one time won't kill you."

i sighed, "i don't know...i have kids now and-"

"sam. you need to stop thinking about others and just be selfish for once in your life. come on." terry said.

i sighed.

i know i really want to but...i can't right?

i guess one time wouldn't hurt...

"sure." i said and sat down next to her.

she smiled and handed me the rolled up dollar bill she had.

i used one of my credit cards to make the powder into slivers.

i snorted it up, the snow tingling my nose.

it felt great.


i did the next sliver, then the next and next until it was all gone.

"how do you feel?" terry asked, smiling.

"i'd feel better with one of those." i said, pointing to her joint.

she chuckled and handed me one.

i lit up and smiled as i puffed out the smoke.

"i missed being home." i said as everything took over me.

i grabbed a bottle of absolute vodka and gulped it down.

the poison flowed down my throat, pleasuring my taste.

i layed down on the bed and laughed as the fan spun.

"i missed this. i missed you guys." i said and smiled at the bottle and joint.

taylor pov

selena and i were coming home from the park.

we walked there for exercise and just to get the kids out more to see the world.

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