Chapter 77

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Sam pov

We were all walking in the airport.

I was strolling the twin's double stroller and mandi was running around with jeremy.

"Jeremy samuel fitzgerald! Do not touch that gum." Mom hissed.

Selena chuckled and mandi said, "daddy up!"

Ezra smiled and picked her up.

"Sam! Are you avoiding the mariah issue? Did you pay for the guy's camera?"

"Are you going back to rehab?!"

Selena came over and kissed my cheek, "ignore them."

I sighed, "i know."

"OH MY GOD! THAT'S SAM SWIFT!" A group of teenage girls screamed.

"Shit." i gave selena the stroller and sprinted away as fast as i could, trying to hold my sagging pants up.

I heard mom and selena crack up.

I lapped the airport, more people joining on the chase.

I saw selena and my family and i ran past them and there were other people blocking me.

"Shit." i looked at mom and selena and they laughed.

I groaned and crouched down.

They screeched and lunged on me, tackling me.

I laughed and they all screamed at me.

"Guys...air...air is an issue." i said and chuckled.

They laughed and got up.

I sighed and they giggled, "what?"

They pointed down and i blushed deeply and smiled.

I picked my pants up and covered my boxers.

"How's kevin?" A girl asked.

"Who's kevin?" I asked curiously.

They all giggled and made a V shape with their hands.

I gasped, "you named my vagina?"

They laughed and nodded.

"Why is it a dude?" I asked and laughed.

They shrugged.

"Can i get to my kids now?" I asked.

They nodded, "wait!"

I turned around, "yeah?"

"No matter what happens we will always be on your side." one said and the others nodded.

I smiled as they all lifted my heart.

I put my hand to my chest, "thanks you guys. you don't know how much that means to me. i love you so much."

They smiled and i pulled my pants down a little, sagging them again.

I winked at them and they chuckled.

I walked back to selena and kissed her.

"Let's get on that plane." i said and alison and brantley were doing something with eachother.

i think patty cake i don't know at this point.

we got to our private jet and boarded.

"JEREMY STOP! THAT'S MINE!" mandi shouted and chased him around.

i chuckled and strapped the twins into their seats.

"is being on a plane really safe?" i asked, worried.

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