Chapter 43

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selena pov

"sam asked me to marry her."

my heart shattered.

i looked at sam in shock and she smiled sympathetically.

"um...congratulations..." i said.

"i just needed to get my stuff." i said and walked inside quickly.

i barely glanced at sam and i quickly gathered my stuff.

"selena." i jumped and turned around to see sam.

i wiped my tears quickly.

"you okay?" she asked sincerely.

i sighed, "i'm fine sam. have fun with your fiance." i said and walked out of the house, hurt written on my forehead.

i drove straight to demi's and collapsed on the couch in tears.

she ran over with taylor by her side, "selena what happened?" they asked.

i sobbed, "she asked kendall to marry her! and kendall said yes." i said and broke down.

taylor sat down on my left and demi on my right, both hugging me tightly.

"oh my god sel. i'm so sorry. i didn't know." taylor said and rubbed my back.

"she said, we were forever. i just didn't know forever could be so short." i said and started bawling my eyes out.

"it'll be okay sel." demi said.

sam pov

the next day i was at home while kendall was at a shoot.

i have a few interviews later but right now i have down-time.

the doorbell went off so i stood up and walked over to it.

i opened the door, "hey mom-"

i was cut off by mom's hand hitting my face.

"ow! jesus mom! what the hell?!"

"don't you what the hell me sam." she said and walked inside.

i scoffed and closed the door.

"what's up your ass huh?" i said and chuckled.

"you proposed?! really sam?! you've known this girl for not even a full year yet and you propose?!"

"so you heard." i said and smiled.

"yes i heard! from a heart broken selena!"

i sighed, "mom. i don't lo-"

"yes you do and you know it. i know that deep down you still feel something for selena sam. everything you two have been through doesn't just go away. god sam she is so in love with you! and broke her heart!"

"i didn't know! okay? she divorced me remember? she told me she loved me 2 nights ago but i told her we can't be together because i LOVE kendall mom!"

mom sighed and sat down, "okay. okay fine. i just want you to know what you are doing sam."

"i do mom. please just trust me on this. i love kendall. i want to be with her."

mom observed my face, "okay. fine. be with kendall. just promise me you won't be rude to selena? she is in pain sam. she misses you so much. just be nice. okay?"

"i will. i promise."

she sighed, "okay. when is the wedding?"

"next friday. a week from now. 6 o'clock."

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