Chapter 69

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sam pov

while we were in the car ezra spoke, "you should probably wear something that not many people could notice you in."

i nodded, "good idea." i crawled to the back and put on my leather jacket with the grey hoodie attached, black combat boots, dark sunglasses and i'm already wearing black jeans.

and i put a black beanie on.

"ezra. people know who you are now. shouldn't you put something on?" i asked.

"i have my sweatshirt and glasses. it's all okay. let's just get out." he said as he pulled over.

i put my hands in my pockets and we walked into the store.

"how can i help you?" the guy asked.

"we need to know if a woman named terry davis came in here and bought brass knuckles." i said flat out.

he shook his head, "sorry. not can do. i can't give out any customer information."

i sighed and took my hood and glasses off.

he widened his eyes, "are you sam swift?"

"yes. now i need to know if you saw this woman in here and when." i said and put down my phone, showing a picture of terry.

he looked as if he was trying to think, "yeah i know her. she comes in here a lot. practices in the shooting range. she bought the knuckles about a month ago." he said and took out a book.

he flipped through and smiled, "here's her receipt. if you need it that badly i can give it to you."

"can you please? this is important." ezra said.

"sure. may i ask why?" he said as he handed me the receipt.

"she is my birth mother and let's just say she isn't happy about my adoptive mother. and i need to stop her before she hurts my mother and wife. does she happen to have a locker here?" i asked.

"yes. follow me." he grabbed a key chain with at least 20 keys on it.

we walked to the back and saw the shooting range.

"yeah i always knew she was a little off. she used to come here years ago too. feisty." he said.

"yep that's her." i said.

he stopped, "locker 314." he said and opened it, "here you go." he said.

"thank you." i looked in and pulled out pictures of me growing up when i was with taylor.

"when was the last time she came here for the shooting range?" ezra asked.

"about a week ago." i looked at him, "did she say anything?"

"yeah. she said she was practicing for hunting. she said she's going somewhere and she is going to hunt." he said.

"did she say where she was going?" i asked.

"nope. just said going on a trip to get all the stress out of her by killing some deer." he answered.

i sighed and went back to the locker.

i pulled out a slip of paper.

"ezra..." i said.


i handed him the paper.

"could this be where she is?" he asked.

i shrugged, "it's worth a try." i said.

"alright then. guess we're going to oregon." he said.

"thank you for all of your help sir. it means a lot...can you just...not mention this? forget we were here?" i said and handed him a $100.

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