Chapter 63

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Sam pov

Selena and i are on an ATV right now.

Mom said she'd watch the kids and my birth mom is at home.

Mom said she is taking the kids to her house because they should see other places but i knew she just didn't want to watch them with terry around.

Selena has her arms around my stomach and her head on my shoulder.

Behind us was justin and miley. They were just having fun and going crazy.

I looked to my left and saw papararazzi hiding in a bush.

I saluted them and selena giggled and kissed my cheek.

I did a sharp turn and drifted us, kicking up dust.

Selena squealed and laughed.

"You go speed racer." Miley said as she kissed justin.

"Justin what happened with kylie exactly?" Selena asked and laughed.

He shrugged, "she's with jaden smith again."

We all laughed and nodded.

"And now the biebs is all mine." Miley said and kissed him.

"Wanna race?" Justin asked.

"Id on't know jus. If we fall selena can get hurt and-"

"Oh're scared." He cut me off.

I looked at selena who was smiling.

"Alright bieber. You're on. You're gonna get your ass kicked by the way." I said and smirked.

"YES!" Miley and selena shouted and i chuckled as we lined up.

"Ready...set...GO!" Justin said and sped off.

"Sam! Why didn't you go?" Selena said.

"Gotta let the kid have his fun sel." I said and smiled.

"Go uou doofus!"

I laughed and pulled off.

We caught up to justin and he looked back.

"Watch this." I said to selena.

"What are you-AHH! SAM!" She shrieked as i drove on a dirt ramp.

We went in the air and justin and miley's mouths fell open.

We landed, dirt flying and sped off, leaving justin and miley eating the dirt.

"HAHA!" I said happily.

I pulled up at the bulding place and justin and miley came a few minutes later.

"wow you guys are slow." I said and smirked.

"Shut up. You went on a ramp and we slowed down, afraid you'd land on us." Justin said and chuckled.

I shrugged my shoukders, "hey if that's your excuse." I said and sipped a beer.

"Ziplining?" Miley offered and pointed to the ziplining.

"Yeah sure. Sel?" I asked.

"Why not. Justin? Or are you scared?" Selena said and smirked.

"Hey. I'm not scared! Let's go miles!" He said and pulled her over.

I laughed and bent down.

Selena squealed happily and jumped on my back. I laughed and she kissed my neck.

I ran us over to the ziplining and we passed justin and miley.

"Catch you later slow pokes!" I teased and ran away from them.

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