Chapter 33

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selena pov

for the rest of the party it included, sam ignoring me, sam talking and laughing with justin, kendall, kylie and miley, sam getting close to kendall and me getting overly jealous.

do i trust sam?

of course i do.

it's kendall i don't trust.

i don't want her to try anything.

and sam is friends with a group of people that don't like me.

justin and i used to date, miley fucking hates me for god knows what, kylie and i aren't friends anymore and neither are kendall and i it awkward seeing your wife so close with them? hell yeah.

i was about to go outside when someone yanked my arm, "we're leaving now." sam said flatly in my ear.

i nodded and went to get me bag.

sam pov

when selena went upstairs i said goodbye to mostly everyone.

"mom ezra!" i said and walked over to them.

"hey you! leaving already?" mom said.

i nodded, "yeah. we're heading out. but i'll see you soon okay? promise."

she smiled and hugged me, "i know you will baby girl. i love you." i smiled, "i love you too mom."

selena came over and said, "bye tay."

they hugged and i hugged ezra, "bye ezra see you soon."

"bye sam. bye sel."

we walked out and heard, "hey sammy sosa! not so fast!" i turned around and smiled when kendall ran over.

"forgetting something?"

i chuckled, "bye kendall."

she smiled, "bye sam." she hugged me and i smiled and hugged her back.

she pulled away and walked back inside.

i turned around and walked to the cab i called.

selena gave me a look, "what?" i said and shrugged.

she sighed, "do you really have to do that?"

"do what?"

"act like i don't exist sam! i know you're mad at me but i promise you i trust you sam! damnit i trust you with my own life! literally! look! this proves it."

she wiped the make-up off of her arm, revealing the SAM she engraved into her arm when i was "dead".

i clenched my jaw, "you put that away right now." i spat at her.

she cringed back and hid her arm.

"sorry." she said quietly.

i sighed and closed my eyes.

"no. i'm sorry. i was just hurt because i was thinking that you didn't trust me. it was stupid okay? i know you do. i'm sorry. i didn't mean to scare you right there." i said.

she smiled, "i love you you know that?"

i giggled lightly, "yeah..."

she pulled my face in and kissed me, still sending those crazy fireworks everywhere.

i smiled as we pulled away, "mmm. i love you too sel." i said and kissed her again.

when we got home uncle austin was just leaving to take a dead asleep amanda and jeremy home.

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