Chapter 78

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december 25, 2021

sam pov

i woke up early with dad to set everything in the hotel room up.

we got an artificial tree for us and we even decorated it.

we got all the presents from us and "santa".

(sorry if i spoiled the santa thing...hehe.)

i took my phone out and took a picture of me in my tank top and santa boxers.

i gave the peace sign and got the presents with dad in the back making a weird face.

i laughed and captioned it,

merry christmas from the swift/fitzgerald family! surprising our girls and kiddies. love my samiators.

i heard feet and saw mom walk out of her room and gasped.

"did you guys do this?" she said.

we smiled, "merry christmas!"

selena walked out of our room with mandi and jeremy sprinting to the tree.

"MAMA! SANTA CAME! DADDY!" they squealed.

"yeah they did you guys. it's a christmas miracle!" mom said and smiled.

she mouthed, "thank you." to us.

we nodded and i went over to sel.

"what do you think?" i asked while i placed my hands on her hips.

"i think...that i love you. and this was amazing. i can't believe you did this for them." she said and smiled.

"MOMMY LOOK!" mandi said and held out the doll she wanted.

my mind flashed back,


"mommy look!" i squealed.

"yeah a doll. that's great honey."

"it came in the mail for christmas! it's from daddy!" i said and smiled brightly.

"when is he coming home?" i asked.

she sighed and gripped my wrists, bending down so we are eyes level.

i gulped and whimpered as she squeezed my arms tightly.

"listen to me samantha. your father isn't coming home. especially not to a child like you. you are a disgrace to the world and god himself. so help me god to get you to shut the fuck up about your father." she hissed and singed her cigarette into my arm.

i cried aloud and she slapped me.

i wailed my head off and she threw me to the ground.

"go to your room you little runt. merry christmas." she spit at me.

i scampered to my feet and sprinted to my room.

i slammed the door and locked it.

i curled up in a ball and went into the corner of my room.

i closed my eyes, going to my happy place.

no mom.

just me and daddy.

i whimpered as tears rolled down my cheeks.

i want my dad.

he should be here on christmas.

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