Chapter 68

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sam pov

"ezra...we have a problem." i said shakily.

"what? what happened?" he asked.

i rubbed the sweat off of my forehead, "my mom and selena are gone and there was blood. terry's car is gone. i think my mom was right. terry took them ez." i said, sick to my stomach.

"oh my god. sam don't move okay? i'm coming over. get someone to watch the twins and mandi and jer. i'll bring them."

"please hurry ezra." i said barely clear at all.

"i love you sam." he said.

i nodded, "i love you too ezra." i said and hung up.

i instantly dialed the first person that came to mind.


"demi. i need yours and miley's help."

"with what? sam what happened?"

i sobbed, "terry. she took my mom and selena. i need you to watch my siblings and the twins."

"oh my god. yeah totally. we'll be right there."

"thank you." i hung up and sat down on the arm chair.

i sighed and raked a hand through my hair.

i heard a slap and looked at the picture that just fell over on the side table.

i picked it up and saw a photo of mom and i.

i sighed and closed my eyes, "god mom where are you?"

taylor pov

"god sam where are you?" i whispered out.

i heard footsteps and the door opened.

terry smiled, "just came in to say goodnight. see you two in the morning. have fun." she clicked a button and a video of sam with me showed.

i shook in my seat, trying to break through.

"DON'T YOU FUCKING TOUCH HER! DO YOU HEAR ME?! LEAVE HER ALONE!" i screamed and terry just laughed and shut the door.

the video changed, "samantha what do you got there?" i heard a masculine voice say.

i turned my head to the wall where a projector was showing the video.

that beautiful face.

"tickets to see taylor swift!" she said.

tears dripped down my face.

"oh yeah? you excited?" i'm guessing john asked.

"yes! i can't wait! we finally got enough money! daddy i can't wait!" little sam screeched.

selena sobbed out loudly.

i closed my eyes and john said, "if you met her what would you do?"

she giggled, "hug her."

"oh yeah? why?"

"because i love her daddy!" she shouted and giggled.

"oh yeah? careful there sammy. i'm starting to think you want to live with her."

she giggled, "no daddy. i love you too much." she said and the video changed.

"samantha swift, attending stanford university."

i looked at the video and saw the graduation clip.

sam walked up, smiling and was handed her diploma.

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