Chapter 32

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sam pov

after the show we all went to my mom's after party.

we were all having fun.

everyone is here.

mandi is with jeremy and my uncle austin back at my house.

i am talking to nicki minaj and beyonce.

i laughed at what nicki said when my phone was snatched out of my hand.

i gasped and turned around, "justin!" i ran after him and he laughed.

"justin here!" kendall shouted.

"no!" i tried to catch it but kendall caught my phone as justin threw it and ran the other way.

"damnit! kendall!" she laughed and shouted, "gotta be swift swift!"

i laughed and chased after her.

i saw kylie jenner so i yanked her hand and dragged her with me.

"sam!" she shrieked.

i laughed, "help me get my phone!" i yelled and pointed to kendall.

she smirked and ran after kendall.

i went to follow when strong arms wrapped around me and threw me over their shoulder.

i looked at the face, "damnit justin! put me down!" i yelled and flailed my arms around.

he laughed and so did my mom who took a video of us.

kylie ran over and jumped on justin's back and justin fell.

i stood up and laughed, "HA!" i said and ran after kendall again.

"sam?" selena questioned i smiled and blew her a kiss then ran more.

i found kendall and jumped on her.

"oh fuck!" kendall screeched and fell on the couch.

i laughed as i fell on top of her.

she laughed and i smirked and reached into her back pocket and took my phone back, "thank you very much." i said and stood up.

i reached my hand out to her and she giggled and took it.

i pulled her to her feet and we both laughed.

guys let's go to the photobooth." justin said.

i smiled and we followed him to it.

justin, kylie, kendall and i got in.

"hey! make room!" miley cyrus ran in.

we laughed and made room.

i put on a feather scarf and kendall had on a grill and she held up a fake knife to my neck and i widened my mouth.

justin was standing in between kylie and miley who both had one of his arms and were tugging at him. justin made his face nervous and scared and we took the picture.

we got out but i got yanked back in.

i looked to see who it was and it was my mom.

ezra was here too.

i laughed and mom squealed, "yay! family picture!"

ezra and i looked at eachother and rolled our eyes, then smiled.

mom put on ezra's suit jacket and i sat down with my fist holding my head up.

i rolled my eyes and ezra and mom acted like they were yelling at me.

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