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Chapter 18

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8 months later

sam pov

"so sam. tell us. your new movie. the heat. with melissa mccarthy. how was it. filming that?" ryan seacrest asked me.

i laughed, "one of the best times i have had filming in a long time. melissa is great. amazing actress and hilarious. honestyly. it took us 3 days to shoot the bathroom scene. because we were just laughing so hard." i said and started chuckling.

"well it certainly cracked us up. and you also made a disney mocvie with selena correct?" 

i smiled, "yes i did. princess protection program."

"and selena. is your wife now?"

i smiled, "yup. married woman. sorry boys." i said and held up my wedding band.

there were, "awes." i laughed.

"so! tell us! how is it to be married?" ryan said.

i smiled, "it's a dream come true. although i am in new york right now and selena is back home in LA, recording, it's still amazing. we got married about 6 months ago and it has all been magical. i will be going home to see her soon but this week i have interviews and i'm spending the week with my mother in her home here."

"and is your mother here?"

"no. mama is at home. with pretty little liars. i kinda got her into it and i regret it already. she is obsessed and is watching the whole series over again."

he laughed, "well. hello taylor. hope you have fun with your binge." 

i laughed and so did ryan.

"so sam. would you continue acting? i mean you are already so great at it. and you dyed your hair?" he said.

i smiled, "yes i did. i died it brunette for the movie and i could've used a wig but...oops." we both laughed.

"how does your mom like it?" he said, nervously.

i chuckled, "she didn't like it at first but i wore a brown wig for the hunger games and for the disney movie so it was about time i changed it. she likes it now though. she's used to it."

he nodded.

"and you released your first song? is this true?" 

i nodded, "yes. iit is! it's called human."

"i love that song. it's powerful."

"thank you! yeah. i recently had a bad day and i just stayed inside and just wrote my heart out and came up with this song. very depressing." he laughed, "the video is interesting too."

i laughed, "yeah. it was fun to  make but i just hope everyone got  the message. that you know everyone is human. people think that just cause i'm a celebrity that i don't have feelings or we all don't break at some points but we do. when i fall down. i bleed. i can break. and i have plenty of times before."

he nodded, intrigued by my words.

"you seem like you are a very...thoughtful person. let me show you a clip of an interview a few years back."

"oh god. of who?"

"just watch."

i looked at the ipad handed to me.

it showed a younger selena. i smiled.

"and sam. you two have had a kind of on and off relationship correct?"

she nodded, "yeah. we have. i mean we have our differences of course but in the end we both love eachother."

"do you ever think you two will split...for good?"

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