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The Last Time by MissGoodbye
The Last Timeby Savannah
Most teenagers nowadays are wasted and one of them is Mallory Kuori, a high school sophomore who was forced by life obstacles to get into drugs and sell her own body. Th...
  • pregnancy
  • overdose
  • drugs
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Turning Pages | Calum Hood by wingedhemmings
Turning Pages | Calum Hoodby san
It all comes down to the last person you think of at night. That's where your heart is. ** 5SOSxAward finalist; best Calum fanfiction 2015
  • turning
  • bands
  • love
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Songs to Harry ✤ Haylor by benjaminslittlelove
Songs to Harry ✤ Haylorby charlie
In vielen ihrer Lieder, widmet Taylor Swift einzelne Passagen ihren Ex-Freund Harry Styles. Es sollen Hinweise sein, welche Harry erst versteht, als es fast schon zu spä...
  • thelasttime
  • haylor
  • knewyouweretrouble
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My memory by nhilamdn
My memoryby Nhi Leona (leo)
  • ilikehim
  • forget
  • thelasttime
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The Last Time by okai0tersa
The Last Timeby okai0tersa
The last time I ever saw him was 3 months ago. He was my everything. I guess I was nothing to him. Did he even love me? Why did he have to leave so soon?
  • boring
  • brella
  • thelasttime
My doctor called the life squad by Camo61
My doctor called the life squadby Camo61
  • thelasttime
  • goodbye
  • fightingtostayinearth
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The Last Time by trispriorokay
The Last Timeby trispriorokay
This is my first story so it's really crappy. I'm using the plot from my English exam but tweaking it to be more interesting.. Enjoy
  • thelasttime
  • story
  • chicklit
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The Last Time by Candicemariee
The Last Timeby Candicemariee
"Trolex they can only have one winner though." I whisper. "Exactly Althena, that's why I'm doing this." he pulls out a knife and holds it up to his t...
  • romance
  • love
  • thehungergames
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Lần Cuối Cùng by Twilight_JA
Lần Cuối Cùngby Twilight_JA
Lần Cuối Cùng kể về ba anh em ma cà rồng Taramatsu , Akumari và Zack . Họ cùng nhau vượt qua khó khăn , liệu họ có thể tìm được niềm hạnh phúc của mình ?
  • thelasttime
  • vampire
  • akumari
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The Last Time by NCSA14
The Last Timeby Nicole Cohen-Sabban
A short romance story about summer love and great tragedy. How lofe love only takes a summer to find and how love conquers all with a twist of course.
  • thelasttime
  • time
  • summerlove
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The Last Time by ireneanu219
The Last Timeby Creative Charm
Jase, as he is often called, never knew what was waiting for him in his future.... He didn't know, whom he loved would leave him. It was all sudden.
  • fanfiction
  • storiedamore
  • irenestorythelasttime
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The Last Time by Naeyoe
The Last Timeby Naeyoe
Dominic Reed was a successful business man who swore never to allow another woman into his life after "the accident", but after meeting Jade Ryker, who starts...
  • naeyoe
  • love
  • change
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The BestFriend Bucket List by QueenMayXX
The BestFriend Bucket Listby May
  • bucketlist
  • uk
  • thelasttime
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