Chapter 1

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sam pov

i've been in college for about 2 months now. its great. i love it here. i've been to a few parties, i am in the play, and i am in the show choir here. also i am on the volleyball team.

i am in the tri delta sorority. it was difficult to get in, with a bunch of other girls trying to get in but apparently they loved me so they welcomed me right away.

they live in the sorority house but i said i would still live in my dorm with my roommate who is also in tri delta with me, olivia.

she's hilarious. crazy, fun and absolutely amazing. she's like my best friend here.

there was a knock at the door.

i smiled and opened it, "MOM!" i said and smiled.

"sammy! oh i've missed you so much!" she said and hugged me tightly.

i smiled and hugged back.

she pulled away and i greeted demi, ezra and little mandi.

"sel." i said. she smiled, "hey sam."

i slowly walked over to her and hugged her.

she hugged me back tightly.

i smiled and kissed her.

"guys. come on in." i moved away from the door and they walked into my dorm.

"wow sam. this dorm is beautiful." mom said.

i smiled, "thanks. liv and i wanted to make it look awesome so i did up my side and she did hers and we rearranged a few things." i said and smiled.

mom and everyone looked around for a while.

selena looked at me, "liv?"

"yeah. olivia morris. she's my roommate." i said.

selena made her mouth into an "o" shape and nodded.

i smiled, "uh oh. i sense a little jealousy coming on." i smirked and walked over to selena.

she rolled her eyes, "i haven't seen you in 2 months and-"

"selena. if i don't love you, then what's this?"

i pointed to my wall and she looked over and gasped.

on the wall was a whole wall of selena and i.

and pictures of mom and i too. my friends love all of the pictures. they always say how perfect me and selena are and you adorable my mom and i are and how lucky i am. they are mostly all polaroids because i love polaroids.

oh! and i also learned how to skateboard! i'm pretty good too. i do some competitions. when i have free days me and some of my friends go to a skate park and practice or do a free for all. a half-pipe. it's fun.

"i love it." she said and turned to me.

i smiled, "and i love you." i pecked her lips and smiled.

"hey sam. what's this?" mom asked, pointing to my trophys on my shelf.

"oh. those. those are just some trophys for some skateboarding competitions i do."

selena, mom, demi and ezra gave me a look, "you skateboard?!" they all said in unison.

i scoffed, "wow. thanks for the love guys."

they smiled and rolled their eyes.

"damn. who knew my baby could board." selena said.

i smirked, "you'd be surprised."

"so can we see you? you know whatever you kids call it, "shred"?" mom said.

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