Chapter 71

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sam pov

"we've been sitting here for 5 hours and there has been no word on my mother or wife. ezra...what do we do? i-i can't live without them. and is terry still at that house?" i asked.

"sam relax. terry is dead. selena killed her. and...i can't live without them either trust me. i love taylor more than anything and selena is technically my daughter in law. i can't lose her either."

i sighed and ran my fingers through my hair.

i sat down and took out my phone.

i put it to video and  tried to relax, "hey's sam. these past few days have been pretty rough. so turns out my birth mother terry hasn't changed. she hurt my mother and wife. they are in the OR right now and ezra and i have been waiting for 5 hours...not a word yet. so i don't know how they are and i really...really wish i did. i just thought you should know. terry is dead and now all we can do is pray that my mom and selena aren't either. i love you guys so much. see you soon." i blew a kiss and posted it to everywhere really.

"selena swift?"

i stood up, "yes that's my wife." i said.

the doctor nodded and ezra walked over.

i let my body lean against his and he wrapped his arm around me protectively.

"selena has experienced severe trauma to her body. several knife wounds and injuries. she lost 40% of her blood."

i gulped hard and felt sweat build on my skin.

"if she wakes up, or when she does she will need rest and water. she needs to eat and gain nutrients in her body. as of right now she is in a coma state. she should wake up soon enough."

i nodded, "a-and my m-m-mother?" i said.

he sighed and held his clipboard.

i gripped ezra tightly.

"your mother was already dying by the time she arrived. her heart beat was slow, she lost 60% of her blood, and there was definitely some drain trauma. head injuries. she is alive...for now-"

"for now?" i choked out.

"yes. she is in a deep coma as of right now. when she wakes up...if she wakes up she will be very fragile. she will experience unconsciousness. Inability to remember the cause of the injury or events that occurred Immediately before or up to 24 hours after. Confusion and disorientation. Difficulty remembering new information. Headache. Dizziness. Blurry vision. Nausea and vomiting."

this is what happened the first time all over again.

"and she has abdominal trauma so she will also experience sweats, pains in her stomach, abdominal area, trouble walking for the knife could've hit a nerve, and definitely dizziness. she will most likely need help walking, maybe a wheel chair if it gets too much, and should not eat too hard of foods."

"when will she wake up?" ezra asked, nervously.

"well. if her body or brain reacts then a few weeks, or months. if nothing happens then she will be gone."

i sobbed but held my mouth and put my head in ezra's chest.

"where are they?"

"they are both in room 578."

"t-thank y-you." i stuttered and we ran to the nearest elevator.

"she can't be dying ezra. she just can't!" i said and cried out loud.

"Shh. sam it's okay. your mother is so so strong. i'm sure she'll pull through. she always does." he soothed me by rubbing my back as we walked.

he rubbed circular mom usually does.

we got to the room and i gasped and ran to selena's side and took her hand, "baby it's me. you need to get up beautiful. let me see those chocolate pools of eyes." i said and smiled.

nothing happened.

i sighed, "come on sel. i know you're in there. please your eyes selena. god i need you. i can't- i can't live without waking up to your stunning face every morning. i can't live without those stupid fights we have or the little moments we share. i can't live without those heart stopping moments or your smile that can light up my day. our kids need you selena...i need you." i whispered as a tear dripped onto her bed.

i kissed her forehead and went over to mom.

i sat next to ezra and took mom's hand.

"hey they say you may not make it...but i know that's not true're taylor swift. you can achieve all things. i know you are listening mom  but please know that i need you so much. you need to stay mom...please. you were right about terry. i am so so sorry i never believed you. i know i should've. just open your blue eyes so i can hug you and tell you how much you mean to me which is more than you think. you were protecting me the whole time, not leaving terry alone with me. i just...i really need you mom. alison and brantley. they need their grandma taylor. mandi and jer need their mom. i need my mom. i need you so bad mom." i said and sobbed.

i stood up and got on the bed.

"we'll stay the night here sam. do you want your own bed?" he asked.

"no thanks." i said and smiled slightly.

he used one of the ezra beds to sleep in.

"thank you dad." i said and fell asleep, curling up to my mother.

taylor pov

why is it so dark?

"SAM? EZRA?" i shouted.

i ran but it felt as if i was going nowhere.

it's all black.

"SAM! EZRA! MANDS! SEL! ANYONE!" i screamed.

i saw someone in the distance.

i ran towards them and saw dark hair and that face...

"SELENA!" she turned around, "TAYLOR!" she ran over and hugged me tightly.

i smiled and hugged back.

"where are we?"

i shrugged, "are we dead?" she asked, scared.

"i don't know...maybe." i said, completely confused and lost.

"NO! no no no! sam! the kids! i can't be dead! this has to be fake taylor! they need us! they all do taylor! we can't leave them!" she screamed and looked around.

"i don't know what to do. or how to get out of all." i said hopelessly as we stared at the black oblivion.

god i really hope i'm not dead.

please god no.


so are they dead or not?


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