Chapter 81

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sam pov

"you okay?" mom asked as i buttoned up my shirt.

i sighed, "i don't do i look?"

she walked over and fixed my shirt, "you look...mature and beautiful."

i smiled, "thanks." i looked in the mirror and sighed, straightening my shirt out.

mom raked her fingers through my hair, straightening it more.

i looked at my now 9 month old babies.

they smiled at me, their growing teeth shining.

i smiled and they crawled in their play areas.

selena walked inside our room with a beautiful white dress.

i smiled, "you look beautiful."

"as do you." she said and patted my chest.

"okay. ready?" mom asked.

i nodded and walked to the car.

i have to get to an interview first and then we are going to riverside, to go to my old church.


"so sam. there's a lot of things that come with being a celebrity."

"yes. of course. yeah."

"and there are good things. right now there's a white spotlight on you-"

i nodded, "yeah yeah."

"so wanna tell us a little bit about that?"

"i set the records straight, none of it is true." i said to the guy.

"have you ever met the woman before this?"

"never met the woman." i said and everyone screamed and cheered.

"no? alright. well. there you have it. i guess that's what comes along with life in the fast lane as they say-"

"exactly. exactly." i said and smiled.

"thanks sam for clearing this whole thing up." the guy said and shook my hand.

i waved and left the stage.

"alright. let's go mom." i said and took selena's hand.

"alright. off we go." she said and we walked outside.


taylor pov

as i drove i watched sam.

she fiddled with her fingers the whole way there.

i smiled and took her hand.

she jumped and looked at me.

"you okay beb?"

she looked at selena and her kids and sighed.

"yeah. just nervous to see everyone."

i smiled sadly.

"do you think they'll recognize me?" she asked, looking at me, tears in her eyes.

i smiled, "i'm sure they will sammy. they have definitely heard of you."

"i know but i just want them to know that i'm still sam. not a pop star and taylor swift's daughter." 

i smiled, "i know. i understand baby. i'm sure they will know you. that old sammy is still in there. i can see it."

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