Chapter 66

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sam pov

i used a rag and wiped the sweat off of my forehead.

"wow. is it hot tonight?" i asked as i took my jacket off, throwing it at the crowd.

they all screamed and i chuckled, straightening my snapback and my TOM BOY black tank top.

"tonight was amazing you guys. i love you so much you know that right?" 

they screamed again.

"i have one more surprise for i called my buddy justin and asked if i could sing one of his songs. you guys cool with that?!"

they screamed and cheered.

i smiled as i heart them scream.

"well this song is less lonely girl do you know it?!"

"WOOOOOO!!!!" they screamed loudly.

i smirked, " question..." a loud drum hit several times and i spun around on my feet, pulling a michael jackson move.

i shot my arm in the air, freezing the music.

"who wants to be my one less lonely girl?"

they screamed loudly and i laughed.

they pulled a chair out and i looked around the crowd, scanning.

i saw one girl, wearing a shirt with my face on it.

she was holding a lit up sign.

she has blonde hair, like mine and green eyes.

i smiled and ran over to where she was.

i held my hand out, "come on up here you." i said.

she screamed and looked at her friend.

she jumped up and down and hugged her.

i pulled her up on stage and she smiled crazily.

i sat her on a chair, center stage.

"so um. what's your name beautiful?"

she was sobbing.

"oh my god. hey don't cry! blue skies!" i said and chuckled.

my mom ran on stage and handed me tissues.

they all screamed once they saw her and i laughed.

"here you go darling." she wiped her eyes and laughed.

"so what's your name huh?" i asked.

she smiled, "madeline." 

i smirked and smiled, "madeline. i love that name. i'm samantha. but you can call me sam." everyone screamed.

"how old are you?"


i smiled, "alright well madeline. i'm going to perform just for you. because you are my one less lonely girl tonight. that cool with you? if maybe i hold you..." i went behind her and wrapped my arms around her.

she squealed and held her mouth.

"or maybe...kiss your cheek..." i said and planted a sweet kiss on her cheek.

everyone screamed.

she nodded.

"so it's cool?"

she nodded furiously and i laughed, "alright then. let's hope my wife won't murder me after this." i said and ran up to the top of the stage.

i held up one finger,

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