Chapter 40

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sam pov

"you okay?" kendall asked and sat down next to me.

i smiled, "yeah. right now at least."

she chuckled, "why you won't be later?" she asked and raised her eyebrow playfully.

i shrugged, "depends. will you be with me later?"

she smiled and looked away.

i looked at her structured face. perfectly shined and toned.

selena clearly moved on so i have to at some point right? she doesn't love me anymore because of a mistake i made and now we are done.

it just comes down to whether i am ready or not to move on from her.

will i ever stop loving selena? hell no. i will love that girl forever and longer.

but kendall is crazy and funny.

she is beautiful and makes me smile when all i have been doing recently is frowning and crying.

i took my finger and used it to turn kendall's head towards me and i smiled.

i put my hand gently on her cheek and leaned in, connecting our lips in a warm sensation.

When we pulled away kendall opened her eyes slowly and smiled softly.

I smiled back and she pulled me back into her, this time with more force.

She moved her body more towards me so we were now making out and her nose brushed against mine as our lips moved.

"Hey! You two! Keep it PG please!" Mom yelled and threw a pillow at us. We pulled away and chuckled.

"Wanna get some food?" I asked kendall. She smiled, "sure."

"Alright see you guys." I said and took kendall's hand as we left.


Taylor pov

I'm happy that sam is trying to move on but i know that selena will always have the hold on her heart.

But i also know kendall has a small spot whether sam will admit it to selena or not.

There is definitely something there.

Kendall pov

As sam and i walked around LA paparazzi was obviously there.

"Are we together or not?" I asked myself.

No sam loves selena though she wouldn't move on.

Just when i knew we weren't together sam took my hand in hers as we walked threw the paparazzi and my heart fluttered at her warm touch.

"SAM! Are you and kendall dating?!"



Sam talked, "if selena's happy i'm happy."

Then they went crazy and got closer to us. Sam took her jacket off and handed it to me. I put it on and put the hoodie over my head.

Sam put her arm around my waist and we walked inside the restaurant.

we sat down and sam smiled at me and looked at her menu.


as we were getting ready to leave i spoke up, "sam?"

"yeah?" she said, paying for dinner.

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