Chapter 87

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sam pov

this whole past week i have not left my mother's side.

we went to an amusement park for the first time since...ever.

she never took me on roller coasters or anything like that.

but it was amazing.

ezra and selena are flying up today with the kids and my mom's kids.

once i see ezra i swear to fucking god that i will murder him with my own bare hands.

"hey hey heyyy." karlie came in the hotel room and i groaned.

she gasped, "sam. i am almost hurt by that."

i chuckled and threw my grapes at her, "leave! be gone satan!"

mom walked in, "satan? really?"

i shrugged and mom chuckled, "hey karls. why are you in georgia? i thought you were staying back in new york?"

"i was but how could i resist my t-swizzle? and my sammy sosa!" karlie ran over and jumped on me and i screeched, "HIPPO! HIPPO! GET HER OFF!"

mom laughed and karlie started tickling me, "stop! k-karlie! i c-can't b-breathe!" i said and laughed loudly and the door opened, "heyy." mom said.

karlie stopped and i looked up and saw selena staring at karlie and i, eyebrow raised in the air.

i chuckled and shoved karlie off of me, making her squeal and fall off the bed.

i snorted and laughed at her, "idiot."

i walked over to selena and kissed her sweetly.

"what was that huh?"

i laughed, "aunt karlie being a hippo."

"oh yeah?" she said and i rolled my eyes, "is someone jealous?"

"what? no."

i smiled, "selena. she's my aunt hon."

"and i was your aunt. hon."

i laughed and saw the strollers.

"and how are my little angels?" i said and smiled.

"mama!" alison cheered and i smiled, "hi guys. how are my favorite twins doing?!" i said and picked up brantley and alison.

"hey guys." ezra said and my little sister and brother sprinted into the room, "JEREMY I TAGGED YOU!" amanda shrieked.



"no!" he argued and i put the twins down, "can you take them to the couch." i said and selena nodded.

mom ran over, "ezzy!" she hugged him and he kissed her cheek.

"hey beautiful."

i glared at him, arms folded.

"hi dad." i said bitterly and he gulped and looked away.

"hi mommy!" amanda and jer said and hugged mom and ran to karlie.

"dad...can we talk?" i said coldly and he slowly nodded, "s-sure."

i grabbed his arm tightly and yanked him into a different room.

i locked the door and punched him across the face, "how could you fucking do this huh?" i hissed and he held his cheek.

"what kind of a sick, twisted person would do something like that? huh? tell me! let me know ezra!" i shouted and threw him to the ground and he scampered to his feet.

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