Chapter 14

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sam pov

i woke up with the most georgous girl in my arms.

i kissed the top of her head, "good morning beautiful." i whispered into her ear.

she groaned and snuggled in closer to me, holding me tightly, "don't go sam."

i smiled, "babe. i have to see my mom. today."

she groaned again.

i chuckled and slid out of bed, making selena's head fall on the bed.

she moved her head up, "wow. thanks. fiance."

i turned around and smiled. i walked over to her and kissed her lips lovingly.

"wanna come in thr shower with me?" i asked.

she smiled and nodded.

i took her hand and helped her stand up.

we walked into the bathroom and took our clothes off and then went to the shower.

"i missed you so much..." she said.

i smiled and slammed her body against the wall and kissed her neck vigorously.

she moaned and tilted her head back, "sam..."

i smiled and pushed my body against hers, making me feel a sensation in my body.

she moaned as i entered 2 fingers inside of her.

when she finally opened her eyes i smiled down at her, "god you're so beautiful." i said and brushed her wet hair behind her ear.

she smiled up at me and kissed me, "thank you. so are you baby. and i missed you."

"i missed you too sel."

she moved her hands up and down my arms and froze, "did you get another tattoo?" selena said.

"oh. yeah sorry. here."

I turned and on the top of my arm, near my shoulder it said in script,

selena in script with a heart at the end, all in black.

she smiled, "i love it. and i love you."

I smirked and grabbed her hands and kissed her.

"But you should know that your mom will kill you."

I laughed, "sel. I'm 21. It's my body." I said and chuckled.

She raised her eyebrows, "use that attitude and i may take this ring off."

I smiled and held her bare waist, "nah. You wouldn't do that."

She raised her eyebrow, "and why is that?"

I pulled her body into mine, "because i have spent 6 months away from my georgous girlfriend and i have been dreaming about coming home and finally being able to ask your fine ass to marry me and be my princess for eternity."

She smiled and stroked my cheek, "i love you for saying that. I missed you so much. You have no idea how hard it was to function without you."

I smiled, "well i'm here now my love."

She smiled and hugged me, resting her head on my chest.

"Don't ever scare me like that again. I thought you were dead." I smiled and held her as the shower head pounded down on us with the orbs of water.

"Well i'm not dead...clearly. I'm right here." She smiled and kissed me.


I arrived at my mother's house.

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