Chapter 12

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2 weeks later

taylor pov

i haven't slept all night long. or in the past 2 weeks. i can't sam is gone. she missed christmas a few days ago. she is half-way across the world and i don't know when she will be coming home. i stood up to go to the bathroom and froze.

all of a sudden i felt liguid run down my leg.

no. crap!

"ezra." i whispered.


i took a book and threw it at him.

he jolted awake, "what? huh?"

he looked at me through the darkness, "you alright hon?"

"no. my water broke. get the car."

he jumped up, "okay. right. let's go. i will tell demi to get amanda and watch her. let's go." he helped me run to the car and we sped to the hospital.

i wanted sam to be here for the birth of the baby...

sam has to be here. i need sam to be here.

"are you okay love? just breathe." ezra said.

i shook my head and tears came from my eyes, "no! i can't! sam needs to be here! i want sam here ezra! i want my daughter!" i shouted.

"i know hon. i know you miss her. she will be home before you know it okay? sam would want you to do this. for us tay. you're about to be a mother of 3 children. you can do this." 

i nodded as tears ran down my cheeks.

we pulled up at the hospital and ezra and i went in.

i wobbled over and they put me in a wheelchair.

"ezra. call selena." i panted before i grunted and pain.

"i will my love i promise. i'll  be right there!" he shouted before they rolled me through the doors.



"stay calm miss swift. your child will be here before you know it!" the doctor said.

"it's...fitzgerald. taylor swift fitzgerald." i panted.

then ezra bursted in and grabbed my hand, "hey. hey it's okay tay. i'm here now. selena is here too. we're all here baby."

i shook my head and screamed.

"not all of you...sam isn't here." i said and screamed again.

i squeezed ezra's hand and screamed as i pushed and pushed.

i need sam here.

i can't do this without her.

i need my heart and soul with me.

without her i am nothing.

i am not taylor swift, major music sensation with sam.

with sam i am just, taylor swift. mother and a normal person who has many flaws.

and i like how insecure sam makes me feel.

i like how she makes me feel needed.

"AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" i screamed like i have never screamed before.

then the most perfect cries filled the room.

ezra smiled brightly, "congratulations mrs fitzgerald. your baby boy is here!" the doctor said and wrapped him up in a perfect little blanket.

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