Chapter 56

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2 months later

selena pov

"yeah so we'll come by later today tay. yeah." i was on the phone with taylor.

i had alison in her baby carrier on my front.

"sel." i turned to sam and she tossed a binky since alison is crying.

i caught it and gave it to alison.

she sucked on it and smiled.

"yeah we'll bring some wine and...yeah that's great. alright see you tonight tay. bye."

i hung up and put alison in her play pen.

i slumped on the couch next to sam and looked at my stomach, "am i still fat?"

sam laughed, "no babe. you've been working all that pregnancy fat off for the past 2 months. i think you're good."

i laughed, "okay i get it."

"sam swift's new music video for her hit single stitches that was released last month. here's a sneak peek picture."

on the screen a picture of sam looking in the mirror, at the camera darkly popped up.

her face was cut and beaten up.

i looked at sam and she was smirking.

"when did you make this video?"

she shrugged, "whenever i said late nights."

i chuckled, "of course."

i looked at alison in her playpen.

she was teething on a toy sam got her.

brantley is sleeping in his playpen.

i picked alison up, "you hear that baby? mama is sneaky! yes she is!"

sam smiled and alison whined and reached towards her jungle toy pen.

"okay baby. here you go." i placed her in it and she smiled and played with the lion hanging above her head.

i smiled and put my head on sam's shoulder.

sam pov

when selena was resting on me my phone rang.

it's the jail...crap.

"why is the jail calling you?" selena asked.

i quickly declined, "um it's nothing." i said.

she gave me a weird look and said, "sam what was it? tell me." she said.

i sighed, "okay...i've been visiting my mother."

"WHAT?! ARE YOU CRAZY?!" selena stood up.

"sel. i know but-"

"how long have you been seeing her sam?!"

i looked down.

"SAM!" she screamed.

"okay! okay! before you got pregnant. about a year."

selena scoffed, "i can't believe you. she tried to kill you sam! and taylor!"

"i know sel but she's changed i promise!"

"how do you know that huh?! maybe she's trying to trick you sam!"

i sighed.

"they might let her go."


i pursed my lips together, "she's really trying sel. she feels horrible for what she did. she just wants a second chance-"

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