Chapter 50

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next day

sam pov

we are at ellen again and we were just talking about random stuff and she now said what i'm sure everyone was waiting for.

"so. last night i'm sure everyone knows. you were here two are having a baby?" ellen asked.

everyone screamed and cheered.

"yeah. we're having a baby. selena. not me. but yeah it's all true." i said and smiled.

selena took my hand and i put my other hand over our entangled fingers.

"well. congratulations of course! we can't wait to meet the little monster."

we laughed.

"it's a dream come true ellen." i said and smiled brightly.

god what is with me and smiling? i can't stop!

"i'm sure it is. well we'll see you guys soon! and the mini swift soon." everyone clapped and we waved and hugged ellen, then left.

"so we are going to your mom's house?" selena asked me.


we pulled into the driveway and knocked on the door.

the door bursted open, "OH MY GOD! CONGRATULATIONS!" mom shrieked and hugged me tightly.

i laughed, "thanks mom."

we walked in and greeted ezra and the kids.

mom and selena left to another room. mom is probably talking to her about what will happen from now until the delivery.

ezra handed me a glass of whiskey.


mandi was playing with jeremy.

"no! mandi stop it!" jeremy screamed and tried grabbing the lego.

"i'm trying to help! it's ugly! it doesn't even look like a castle!"

"fortress!" jeremy screamed.

i chuckled, "mands come on." i said and gave her a look.

she sighed, "fine." she sat on the couch and put on the tv.

ezra chuckled, "so where do you stand in this pregnancy thing?" he asked.

i took a sip, "the clueless goober."

he laughed.

"i don't know half the stuff i read online."

he shook his head, "don't believe everything you read online...when your mom was pregnant with jeremy, she was convinced that if she lifted her arms, it would stretch the umbilical cord and choke the baby, causing a miscarriage."

i cracked up.

"are you serious?!"

he laughed, "yeah! for a week she practically had her arms glued to her sides."

i laughed again.

"what about you? how did you feel during that? when my mom was pregnant."

he sighed, "scared. well with amanda at least. i was terrified i mean...i was becoming a dad. i have never done that before and it's scary. but when we went to the first appointment and i saw her and heard her heartbeat i felt like the happiest person alive. and you will'll be fine sam. i know it." i sighed and smiled, "thanks ez."

"i'm telling you right now. you may not see it but that girl is a super hero sam."

i looked at mom and selena and they were looking at my mom and i's photo album when i was younger.

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