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Chapter 37

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1 week later

Sam pov

It's been a week since i started getting those texts and is the guilt of what i did eating me alive?

Hell yeah.

My phone buzzed.

I gulped and looked down,

You have until tonight to tell selena what you did...or else i will.

I texted back,

Who the hell is this and why should i?

I got one back right away,

Because selena deserves to know that her wife, the person she trusts most slept with kendall jenner.

I started feeling uneasy.

I stopped answering and put my phone away.

"You okay sam?" Kendall's voice made me jump.

"Huh? Oh. Yeah. Just some person threatening me." I said and pursed my lips.

"Oh my god. About what?" She said and sat up from my lap.

"This person knows about us and said if i don't tell selena by tonight then they will."

My eyes burned with tears billowing behind them, ready to pour out.

"Oh my god i'm so sorry sam. What are you gonna do?"

I sighed and a few tears dripped down my cheeks.

"I don't know! If selena finds out she will never forgive me! I can't lose her kendall. I just can't!" I cried out and sobbed into her.

"Maybe something good will come out of this. She might not get that mad. If you explain everything she might not be as upset. She may understand okay?" i nodded and pulled away.

"But i know her. She will never trust me again and she will be so heartbroken...i hate seeing her upset."

Kendall nodded and took my hand, "it will work out okay? Everything will be alright sam."

I sighed, "i hope."


when i got home i saw my mom and mandi.

"hey guys." i said and smiled.

"hey! how was your day so far?" mom asked.

i shrugged, "eh. it's okay. boring. as usual." i said and sat on the couch, laying my head on mom's lap.

she smiled and raked her fingers through my hair like how she used to.

mandi was watching television when the door opened and selena walked in.

"aw. cute!" she said and smiled.

i stiffened up and turned in mom's arms, moving closer to her.

she held me warmly and kissed the top of my head.

"hi selly!" mandi chimed.

"hey princess! how are you today?" selena said and smiled.

"bored. mama isn't as fun as daddy." she whispered but mom heard her and gasped.

i laughed loudly on mom's lap.

"i am too as fun as your father! i am better!"

mandi giggled, "sorry mommy. but no you're not." and with that she went on her ipad and played angry birds.

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