Chapter 15

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taylor pov

when sam and i were driving to the studio i watched her driving.

she looks so much more different.

more strong that's for sure.

she is more responsible and mature now too.

she isn't the same little 13 year old girl i found on those streets.

she has more muscular features and looks like a grown woman.

we pulled up at the studio and sam looked at me and smiled, "you okay?"

i smiled and nodded, "yeah. you've just changed."

she chuckled, "don't worry mom. i'm still your little girl. you wanna know a secret?"

i nodded.

"when i was out there i still got nightmares. but you weren't there to hold me and make me feel safe. i felt alone at times and honestly. i saw so many people die out there and i wanted my mom to be there with me to hold me and tell me that everything would be alright." tears were in my eyes.

i smiled, "oh sammy." i leaned over and hugged her.

she smiled, "let's get in there shall we?"

i smiled and nodded, "okay baby."

we got out and sam put her arms around me protectively and we pushed through the paparazzi.

we walked into the studio and went to selena's recording room.

Ooh ooh ooh

Ooh ooh ooh


Can you feel me

When I think about you?

With every breath I take

Every minute

No matter what I do


My world is an empty place

Like I've been wandering the desert

For a thousand days (oh)

Don't know if it's a mirage

But I always see your face, baby



I'm missing you so much

Can't help it, I'm in love

A day without you is like a year without rain

I need you by my side

Don't know how I'll survive

A day without you is like a year without rain (oh, whoa)

Whoa, oh, whoa


The stars are burning

I hear your voice in my mind (voice in my mind)

Can't you hear me calling?

My heart is yearning

Like the ocean that's running dry

Catch me, I'm falling

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