Chapter 55

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sam pov

mandi and jeremy walked into the room slowly.

i was rocking alison back and forth.

selena was rocking brantley back and forth.

"you want to see your niece and nephew guys?" i said softly, not to wake up alison or brantley.

they nodded and climbed on selena's bed.

selena smiled, "here you go mands." she handed amanda brantley and amanda smiled.

"he's so tiny." jeremy said.

i laughed and smiled, "yeah he is."

"what's his name?" they asked.

"brantley." selena said happily.

"i like it. hi brantley i'm your aunt amanda."

i smiled and mom came over and sat next to me.

"want to hold her?" i asked mom.

she nodded and i handed alison to her.

"god she is so small."

i chuckled, "yeah. but at least she has an amazing godmother to guide her through life's troubles."

mom shot her head to me, "what?"

i smiled, "i want you to be alison's godmother mom. she deserves to have the best godmother ever and that person is you."

mom's eyes filled up with tears, "i love you so much sammy." she hugged me lightly, still cradling alison.

"i love you too mom."

we pulled away and looked at alison.

she had her eyes open and was looking up at mom.

"sam. she looks exactly like you." mom whispered and smiled.

"no she doesn't."

"yes she does. she has your eyes and your mouth. your hair."

alison started crying now.

i took her out of mom's arms, "it's okay baby. mama's here."

mom laughed, "and your attitude too."

i scoffed and rolled my eyes, smiling.

i smiled as alison calmed down in my arms.

"wow. she loves you already." mom said and smiled at me.

i smiled and looked at my tiny baby princess.

"i won't ever let anyone hurt you angel." i whispered and kissed her cheek.

i looked at selena who was talking to mandi and jeremy, showing them brantley.

"sel. wanna hold ali?" i asked.

she smiled and nodded.

mom took brantley and i handed alison to selena.

"hi sweet girl." selena whispered and made faces at alison.

i smiled and looked at brantley.

"here." mom said and handed him to me.

i smiled at him and his warm chocolate eyes lifted my heart.


his eyes are a mirror of selena's.

his lips are selena's.

his ears.

i smiled.

alison and brantley have selena's kissable cheeks.

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