Chapter 28

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taylor pov

"well...i never told you this or anyone, i love you more than i loved my dad."

i felt butterflies flutter and fireworks burst everywhere.

correction. NOW i couldn't be happier.

i smiled as happy tears flew freely down my face.

" don't have to-"

"but it's true." she said.

i shot my head up and looked at her.

her cut up face smiled.

"i do. i never thought i would love anyone more than my dad. nobody that fostered me or adopted me would ever be better than my dad but...then you came and you changed my life. i realized that i have loved you more than i have ever loved my dad. that's the truth."

i smiled and kissed her hand.

"i love you so much baby girl." i whispered.

"i love you too mom." she said and smiled.

the door opened and the doctor walked in.

"looks like the zombie is awake."

sam chuckled, "finally."

"so how was life being dead huh?" he asked.

sam chuckled, "painful."

i gulped and looked down, studying my fingers.

"i could only imagine. considering the damage you consumed."

"so what's wrong with me?" sam asked.

i looked up, "don't you think you should wait for selena?"

sam looked at me, "can you get her?"

i smiled, "of course." i said and stood up.

i ran out, "selena!"

she turned around in her chair, "hey. what's wrong?" she asked, worried.

"the doctor is telling us what's up with sam. you should be in there too."

she nodded and i took her hand and we walked in together.

sam pov

when selena and mom walked in hand in hand i smirked and said, "hey. find your own wife mom. she's mine."

they laughed and selena walked over to me.

"how you feeling?" she asked as she gently rubbed my arm.

"better now that you are here."

she smiled and kissed me.

"sam. sel." mom knocked us out of our moment and we pulled away and saw the doctor chuckled.

"sorry." i said and blushed.

"of course. it's quite alright. well according to your tests and the surgeries have a Traumatic Brain Injury. and several cuts and bruises due to the knife wounds and other injuries. you lost a lot of blood too so you'll be feeling pretty lousy for the next few days."

i nodded as i took it all in.

"and because of the blows you took to the head and the trauma you endured, you will get occasional headaches, can be persistent, difficulty concentrating, mental confusion, inability to speak or understand, inability to recognize common things, amnesia, inability to create new memories, or difficulty thinking and understanding, abnormal laughing and crying, lack of restraint, irritability, persistent repetition of words or actions, aggression, or impulsivity, unequal pupils, raccoon eyes, or dilated pupil, loneliness, anger, or apathy, sensitivity to light or blurred vision, sensitivity to sound or loss of smell, impaired voice or slurred speech, anxiety or depression, fainting, nausea, balance disorder, fatigue, blackout, or dizziness, post-traumatic seizure, a temporary moment of clarity, stiff muscles, ringing in the ears, bleeding, vomiting, nerve injury, and bruising, or bone fracture."

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