Chapter 24

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Taylor pov

Sam...this can't be real! Not my sam! Not my daughter! It's...impossible!

My daughter can't be dead! She can't be.

Everything we have been through...her almost suicide, the drugs, the car accident, terry, the new baby, sam getting shot... But doesn't matter because she won't smile again or laugh or even cry! That was taken from her all in a matter of minutes!

Someone took my daughter's life from her.

And i swear to fucking god when i see them i will murder them.

They took the one thing that means the most to me.

I need her. I need her here. To say i will be okay. And for her to come home and say something witty like, "geez. Who died?"

I closed my eyes in my bed and fell asleep without talking to ezra or the kids at all.

Selena pov

"Geez who died?"

I jumped awake and felt a body next to me, "sam?" I whispered.

"Hey beautiful. Why are you crying?"

I shook my head and let out a shaky breath, "you're dead sam."

She chuckled, "i am aren't i?"

I rolled my eyes and she smiled, "so what if i am?"

"I don't want you to be sam! I want you here! With me!"

She sighed, "i know babe. I'm sorry."

Tears trickled down my already inflated cheeks, "i miss you sam."

She smiled and wiped my tears with her thumb, "i miss you too. But hey. Don't cry. I'm still here sel. In your heart. I'm never leaving you. And that's a promise. I love you too much to ever even think about leaving you."

I nodded and weeped quietly.

Sam slowly pulled me in and kissed my forehead, "i love you princess. Now get some sleep okay?"

I nodded weakly and sam disappeared.

I sat up and sobbed loudly.

Taylor pov


I opened my eyes, "sam?"

She smiled, "hey sleepy head. Having fun?"

I scrunched my eyebrows and looked around, "where are we?"

She looked around and shrugged, "i don't know mom. You tell me. It's your dream." She said and laughed her billion dollar laugh.

I stood up and ran into her arms and hugged her.

"I miss you so much." I sobbed into her shirt.

She rubbed my back, "i know. I miss you too. But i don't want you like this mom."

"Like what?"

She gave me a knowing look, "sad. Depressed."

I chuckled and looked at her, "how could i not be?! The person who meant the most to me is dead! You're dead sam!"

She laughed, "i know that mom. I'm the one who died remember?" She said and chuckled.

"THIS ISN'T FUNNY SAM!" I screamed.

She stopped, "i know...but it is. You guys are so sad over losing me."

"Because we loved you!"

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