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Chapter 13

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sam pov

before i came to the ellen show i got off of my plane and went to selena's parents' house.

i knocked on the door and her mother mandy opened the door and gasped.


i smiled, "good evening mrs. gomez. may i come in?" i asked.

she smiled, "of course samantha!" she stepped to the side and i smiled and walked in.

"you have a lovely home mrs. gomez. i haven't seen it in a while."

she laughed, "well it sure missed you here. as did ricardo and i. come here."  she smiled and hugged me tightly.

"we thought you were dead! we are so happy you are okay! ricardo! get down here! samantha is here!"

ricardo came to the room and smiled, "hey! samantha! so good to see you in one piece! buenos dias!" he hugged me and i chuckled, "buenos dias mr. gomez."

"so samantha what are you doing here?" mandy asked.

i took a deep breath and put my gear down.

"well ma'am. i came here to ask you both a pretty big question." i said.

my palms started getting sweaty and i got nervous. super nervous.

"oh well ask us anything deary! have you seen selena yet? i bet she'd be ecstatic to see you! she has missed you so much! and your mother. she has missed you too!"

i smiled and nodded at mandy.

"no i haven't. you two are the first people i have seen so far. and i came here to ask for your blessing."

they looked confused.

i took my hat off and held it in my hands.

"i am asking for your permission to ask your daughter to marry me." i said.

they looked at eachother and then back at me and smiled widely.

"well. of course! we have been waiting to hear about it! thank you for asking us samantha! of coursse. you have our blessing. we know how much you love our selena. you have saved her life by risking your own. she is safe in your hands and we trust that you will take good care of her." mandy said.

i smiled brightly, "thank you so much mr and mrs gomez! gracias!" i hugged them.

"please call us mandy and ricardo now samantha. welcome to the family."

i smiled, "thank you mandy."

i put my hat back on and my backpack with all of my gear.

"oh and could you maybe not tell selena about this? i am going to go surprise her on the ellen show."

they smiled, "of course! good luck! it's great to have you back!" i smiled, "it's great to be back." i said and walked out.


i arrived at the studio and i smiled.

the producers saw me and smiled.

i walked behind the curtains.

i listened to selena speak, "i feel empty. like nothing could ever make me happy again!" she cried out.

i smirked and walked out, "not even me?"

the audience all gasped and squealed.

i smiled at them and got down on one knee and pulled out the box and opened it.

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