Chapter 46

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sam pov

i was walking in the streets with flowers in my hands.

"flowers? for me?"

i laughed, "no. they're for me! but i wanted to help you out." i said and kissed those oh so perfect lips.

"hmm...i see." he put them behind his back as we stopped walking and put them infront of me, "happy one year anniversary samantha swift."

i gasped in fake surprise, "aw. you shouldn't have!"

i got another kiss, "i love you samantha swift."

i smiled, "i love you too justin bieber. and by the way it's been samantha bieber for a year now buddy. keep up." i said and patted his chest.

"but i didn't get you anything." i said and pouted as we walked into our house.

he smiled and kissed me, "yeah but that's okay. you're gift enough." he said and kissed me i smiled and jumped up, him catching me and i wrapped my legs around his waist.

i pulled away, "i got to go take a shower." i said and got down, walking into the shower.

i put shampoo in my hair and started rinsing it out when warm hands wrapped around my stomach.

i smiled and opened my eyes, "hey you." i said and put my hands over them.

kendall's warm lips hit my neck, "hey wife. happy one year."

i smirked and turned around, examining her body, "damn. happy one year to me is right. and it's looking good on you." i said and smacked her butt.

she gasped, "you naughty girl." she said and kissed me.

i put my hands on her waist as we made out.

we got out of the shower and got dressed in sweats and a t-shirt.

we walked downstairs and kendall brewed us some coffee.

"married for a year and you still got that fine ass." i said.

"mmmHMMM!" i said and kendall laughed.

"married for a year and my wife is still a pervert."

i laughed as she poured me more coffee.

i bent my head back and kissed her lips, "mmm. you love it."

"you know i do." she said and winked.

"god i have everything i want. right here." i said and smiled.

"is it what you want sam?" selena said and rounded the corner in a beautiful white dress.

i smiled, "of course it is. i get to wake up and see your beautiful face every morning? it's like a dream come true."

she smiled and we heard crying.

i looked at the baby monitor.

i stood up, "i got it love."

i kissed her and walked into our baby's room.

"shhh. it's okay. mama's here." i said and smiled.

when the baby finally calmed down i walked out and sat down on our back porch, pulling selena into my lap.

we watched as the sun rose above the horizon of the beach.

i kissed selena's temple, "happy anniversary princess."

she smiled and looked at me, "why are you so good to me? we've been married for 2 years and then we split, then this past year. why are you still so good to me?"

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