Chapter 35

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2 months later

sam pov

we've been on tour for 2 months. miley and justin were here for the first month and they went back home.

mom has been here the whole time and now the kids and ezra are with us too.

selena has been doing amazing.

we are back home for a few weeks while selena has off from her tour.

"so how is touring going?" kendall asked me as we sat in the studio waiting for a photo shoot.

"so far so good." i said and smiled.

"how was life without me?" i said and winked.

she giggled, "torture."

i chuckled, "obviously."

she nudged me, "shut up."

i smiled and looked at her face.

her bright, glowing features.

her perfect brown eyes and cute laugh.

"so how are you and selena? marriage life good?" she said,knocking me out of my weird daze.

i shook my thoughts away, "what? oh um. it's good...ish."

she gave me a look.

i sighed, "i don't know. i feel like she doesn't trust me. ever since our fight a few months ago she has been distant. it's like she's not trying anymore. all she has done on tour was pay all her attention to her fans and i get that she loves her fans. hell i love mine so much but we didn't have sex once in the past 2 months. and that probably sounds very selfish but all i did on tour was hang out with my mom and stay backstage to say hi to fans. and i guess i just miss her you know? it's like i don't exist to her anymore."

kendall nodded, "well if it helps. you exist to me."

i looked up at her and she gazed deeply into my eyes.

i slowly leaned in and our lips connected in a soft, elegant touch.

i felt flutters but not as much as i feel when selena touches me.

but there was something there.


i pulled away and slowly opened my eyes.

"i can't do that to selena kendall..."

she sighed, "i know. because you love her."

i nodded slowly and looked back at her.

no sam. think about selena. think about your marriage!

but kendall is so different.

she's actually paying attention to me.

selena hasn't trusted me or payed a lot of attention to me in a while.

screw it sam just do it.

i grabbed kendall's face and kissed her more deeply and passionately.

she relaxed and responded back.

we heard a door open and we pulled away quickly.

"alright! who's ready for a photo shoot?"

we both smiled and said in unison, "i am."


selena pov

"so how is the tour so far?" an interviewer asked me.

i smiled, "it's great actually. my fans are amazing and i'm so happy to be back on stage."

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