Chapter 34

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sam pov

i was hanging out with justin, miley, kylie and kendall and we were on justin's IO Hawks. they are like a hoverboard skateboard.

we are all on a train with nerf guns and we got to justin, "hey justin!" he looked up and we all shot him.

"hey!" he stood up and we all screamed and jumped off i took kendall's hand and we ran behind the counter while miley was screaming.

justin grabbed kylie and threw her to the couch.

miley ran past us and i yanked her down by her hand, "WOAH!" she shrieked and fell onto us, causing kendall and i to laugh.

"shh. shut up." i said.

she stuck her tongue out at me and i chuckled and rolled my eyes.

i stood up slowly as kylie tried getting justin away.

"guys." i whispered and waved them over.

they came over and gave me a questioning look.

i smirked and took justin's phone.

they smiled and we all took a selfie.

i posted it to justin's instagram captioning it with,

love these people more than myself. that really says something. XP @samswift @kendalljenner @mileycyrus #hackedbysam

i laughed quietly.

"sam look." miley smacked my arm and we looked over and gasped.

justin was now making out with kylie!

we all cracked up laughing.

i took a picture and let the flash show.

they jumped up, "sam. do not post that." justin said.

kylie giggled and so did miley, kendall and i.

"why not? shy jay?"

he blushed deeply and we all laughed again.

"whatever. i don't care." he said.

i smirked, "okay. you said it. not me."

i posted it to my instagram and captioned it with,

well that escalated quickly...;) @justinbieber @kyliejenner @mileycyrus @kendalljenner #awkward

everything blew up right away and justin looked at his phone, "really?" he showed us the picture we posted from his account and we laughed.

"oops?" kendall said.

i chuckled and shook my head.

i got a text and i looked at it.


hey babe. i wanted to tell you that you're opening for me tomorrow night so be ready! :) love you.

i chuckled and typer back,

okay. love you too princess


"hey! miles, jay i have an idea." i said and smirked.

next day

selena pov

sam is about to start her performance. she won't tell me what she's singing but okay i guess haha.

"hey Vancouver! how are y'all doing tonight?" sam said, followed by 50,000 screams.

"nice crowd. loud. i love it. well i sorta got a surprise for you. i'm performing a song but it's not mine. and i have 2 very special people to me here! please give it up for my good friends justin drew bieber and miley ray cyrus!"

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