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Chapter 4

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march 3rd

sam pov


it's spring and you know what that means?


and i am going down to florida! hell yeah! haha it will be awesome. i told mom that i still am busy with my mid-terms up here so she doesn't know i'm going to miami in florida. considering it's the biggest party of the year.

i'm going to a martin garrix concert there.

there's all kind of edm music, rock, pop. everything.

"yo sam! let's go!"

"coming!" i shouted and got my stuff. 

i called one of my mom's private jets. may of been a bad idea but come on! it's spring break baby!


"WOOOOO!" i screamed as the music blared.

i was covered in neon color powder.

they were spraying us with it.

i drank from a beer bong, i had like 6 beers so far maybe.

the music blared and we all danced.

this party is fucking crazy!

i was on micky's shoulders and olivia and kaitlyn were on nate's and logan's.

we were screaming and cheering.

the cameras got in my face and i gave the rock sign and stuck my tongue out.

"PUT YOUR FUCKING HANDS IN THE AIR!" matin garrix screamed as the beat was climbing.

we pumped our hands up, "NOW LET THE FUCKING BEAT DROP!"

we all jumped up and went crazy.


i was running around and we were playing football with some random guys we met. they said they go to college in florida and some in conneticut.

we started dancing and a girl started grinding on me. i laughed and started eventually grinding on a guy.

this girl shoved me, "what the fuck?!" i shouted.

she smirked and shrugged.


i laughed and handed a guy my drink.


i ran over and tackled her.

she punched me across the face and we were brawling until a guy pulled me away. the cameras were shooting the whole thing.

"FUCK YOU YOU FUCKING BITCH!" the girl screamed.

"WHERE AND WHEN SWEETIE!" i shouted back and everyone flipped out and cheered.

she rolled her eyes and walked away.

everybody lifted me up and i laughed and pumped my fists in my bikini.

it's a bando bikini and has a blue top and a white bottom. 

the bottom is a thong bikini.

mom would soooooo massacre me hahahaha.

i looked at my stomach and smiled.

i grabbed a guy and asked for his marker. he gladly gave it to me and i wrote FUCKED UP on my stomach.

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