Chapter 91

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4 month later

december 15, 2022

taylor pov

"where is everyone?" karlie asked and i smirked, "out."

"oh yeah?" she whispered as she crawled over to me, on top of my body.

i giggled and cupped my girlfriend's cheeks into my hands and kissed her sweetly. "what am i looking at?" a voice made me jump away from karlie and she jumped from me. "s-sam. hey. when did you get home?"

"clearly not soon enough." my angered daughter replied and a shocked selena was right by her side. "what the fuck is going on here?" she said, marching over to karlie who clearly got terrified. "sam stop-"

"keep your hands and lips off of my mother." sam hissed and pinned karlie to the wall. "sam that's enough-" "she just got hurt and i swear to god i will never let anyone hurt her again."

"SAM STOP!" i yelled and sam turned to face me. "what mother."

"put her down. right. now." i ordered and sam sighed, dropping karlie to the ground and crossed her arms over her chest. "explain." she said and i sighed, "we're together...for the past few months." i said and took karlie's hand.

the look on sam's face was...mortifying. she was boiling with anger. "no you're not. like hell you are."

"sam i can make my own decisions-"

"she's going to hurt you mom! you can't be with her!"

"that's not your choice to make samantha!" i screamed and sam raised her eyebrows in shock of my outburst.

i sighed, and karlie put a hand on my back, rubbing it to relax me and i said, "i love you for protecting me sammy but. i am old enough to make my own decisions. you don't control my love life and i love karlie sam. i am actually going to new york with her and the kids."

"wait. i'm sorry, what?" sam said, getting angrier it appears.

"i'm moving sam. you're old enough to take care of yourself now. you say you'll never leave me and babes i believe you but let's face it. i can't be around forever. it's time we go our separate ways. you can finally start your life."

sam's eyes were red with tears now. "you promised."

"i know but sam look at you. you have your kids and a wife. your work. i have work, kids, karlie."

her eyes shut and she nodded, clearly painfully and said, "you're right..."

sam pov

she's leaving me? with karlie? and my siblings?

"when are you leaving?" i asked.

"we have everything packed. right now. we have to. karlie has a photoshoot to get to."

my heart was shattering. i've never felt this pain before. but she's not dying. she'll be fine sam. you have to trust her now. karlie is a good person.

but so was ezra at first.

karlie knows better.

"sam. please." mom said and looked into my eyes pleadingly. i sighed, "i'm gonna miss you mama."

she smiled with tears dripping from her eyes now and yanked me into a warm hug and i wrapped my arms around her. "be safe. if anything happens. i want you to call me, understand? you need me for anything." i whispered and kissed her cheek.

"i will be. and yes, definitely. i love you pieces baby girl. never forget that okay?" she said and smiled weakly.

this happened all so quick. 

and by the time we got everything in the car? i realized how far i came.

how far i came from being adopted by taylor swift to this.

married, kids, famous...

and to think...if she never adopted me none of this would've happened.

they honked as they drove away and went to pick up the kids from school.

i waved and sighed.

this was the last time i'd see my mother in california.

this was the Last Time



i know it's sucky BUT i am going to rewrite it. still same plot but might alter a few things. what you think?

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