Chapter 7

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next day

taylor pov

this morning i couldn't get away from sam. it's like she is glued to me. i don't mind of course but i'm worried that she won't go near selena without me with her.

it's like she's a scared 9 year old.

"sammy sweetie get dressed  we are gonna head home now okay?"

she looked at me from the bed, "okay." she said and smiled sweetly.

i smiled and fixed my hair.


 when we finally pulled up infront of the house i looked over at sam.


she turned to me, fear evident in her eyes.

i grabbed her hand, "it's okay sammy. i'm here okay?"

she gulped and nodded.

we got out and paparazzi swarmed us.

i held sam close to me and she carried her dad's box.

"sam! what happened at that college party?"

"taylor would you ever want to have more kids?"

"sam if you had to choose between your dad and taylor who would it be?"

sam squeezed my hand fearfully.

i put my arm on her waist and kissed her forehead.

"ignore them." i said.

she nodded and we walked inside safely.

"we're home!" i yelled.

"mama!" mandi reeled the corned and hugged my leg.

i laughed and kissed her head, "hey pumpkin. where's daddy?"

she smiled and i heard loud footsteps.

then my husband rounded the corned and smiled at me.

"hey there beautiful." he pecked my lips and i smiled.

sam stood close to me.

i gave ezra a look saying i told you.

he smiled guiltily and shrugged.

i heard footsteps coming down the stairs, "sam. i was so worried about you." selena said and went to hug sam but sam backed away.

selena had a look of confusion on her face.

"what's wrong?" she asked.

sam squeezed my hand for help.

"sam isn't feeling too well selena. she just doesn't want to get you sick." i said and smiled.

"i don't care! come here." selena said and grabbed sam's hand.

sam looked down at it, emotionless, and pulled it away.

she stared at selena blankly.

"sam? what's going on?"

selena looked at sam observantly, "are you okay?"

"i'm fine selena. don't worry about me." sam said and sat on the couch.

"well i do worry. you are my girlfriend and i care about you." selena defended and stood infront of sam, blocking the tv.

"well, maybe you're better off with someone who can trust you." sam spat.

selena looked at sam, hurt, "you-you can't trust me? why not?"

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