Chapter 47

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sam pov

selena and i got back to the hotel and we checked in.

we opened the door, "wow. it's amazing." she said.

i smiled and watched as she walked to the window.

she pulled the curtains back, "aw. we have a balcony. and it has an amazing view."

i put my stuff down and walked over to her.

i rested my chin on her shoulder and wrapped my arms around her stomach.

"not as amazing as you."

she smiled and i kissed her cheek.

"i say. we celebrate." i said and pulled out a bottle of champagne.

"to us. and our remarriage."

selena smiled and we clinked glasses.

we sat on the balcony and selena was sitting in my lap.

we sipped our drinks and put them down.



"when i brought you home that one night and you said that you hate me-"

i sighed, "selena i didn't mean it-"

"drunk words are sober thoughts sam." she said and looked at me seriously.

i took her hand, "i'm sorry for saying that selena. i was in denial. i was back on the alcohol and i wasn't myself. i'm so sorry sel. i didn't mean it okay? i was hurt that my second marriage failed and i felt like i didn't belong on this earth."

she sighed and shook her head, "i don't ever want you to feel that way. please. taylor almost lost you to that once and i don't want to find you bleeding out on the floor like taylor did."

i held her close to me, "don't worry. okay? i'm not going anywhere sel."

"that's what you said before...but then we split up sam."

"how about we forget the past? i was a dick back then and i know that. what i did was horrible and i regret it so much selena. god you are the most gorgeous person ever. i don't know how i even lived without waking up to your beautiful face every morning."

she smiled, "you always know the right thing to say."

she grabbed my face and kissed me, "i love you."

i smiled, "i love you too."

she closed her eyes, "god that smile. i swear."

i chuckled and kissed her again.

we walked to the bedroom and fell on the bed while making out.

i undid her outfit and took my shirt off.

she traced my tattoos on my back with her hand while she kissed me.

i kissed her neck, sucking on my favorite spot on her that i know makes her moan.

next to the bed out wedding certificate from the chapel sat.

i smiled and turned the lights of.

but we didn't sleep.

and boy have i missed selena.

taylor pov

"WHERE THE HELL IS SHE EZRA?! she won't answer her phone! and she's in VEGAS!"

"taylor. relax. sam is a big girl. she can take care of herself."

i turned around, "no. she can't ezra! she's only 23! and she still is a mess! what could she possibly be doing in vegas?!"

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