Chapter 41

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months later

selena pov

"and now here is the pitch perfect star, samantha swift, playing beca mitchell, the girl who wants to becoming a music producer in the big leagues. sam how was it learning all of that acapella singing?"

(sam is beca. not anna kendrick :) lol)

sam smiled, "it was hard. i swear it isn't as easy as it looks." she said and laughed.

she looked beautiful.

she shot the movie with a brown wig since she died her hair blonde again and they needed brown.

but she looks absolutely amazing.

her eyes are a bright, dazzling blue, her features are structured perfectly on her face, she has the perfect skin tone. not too dark and not too white, she is tall, 5'8" to be exact and kendall is 5'10". so they are both pretty tall.

kendall and her are still dating me and i am with no one...i couldn't take being with zedd when he isn't sam.


"hey babe. i got you your favorite. pickles." zedd said and smiled.

i smiled weakly and stood up.

"thanks." i mumbled.

"you okay?" he asked.

i sighed, "no. Anton i have to confess something..." (anton is zedd's real name. zedd is just his stage name.)

he nodded and put his phone down, "sounds serious."

i nodded, "it sorta is."

i took a deep breath, "anton... i can't do this anymore...we can't be together because-"

"you're still in love with sam?" he finished.

i shot my head up, "what?"

he chuckled, "selena i know you still love sam."


he shrugged, "you never let me all the way into your heart and i know that's because your heart belongs to sam. yes she hurt you but no matter how much she hurts you i think you know that you will never stop loving her."

i smiled and looked down, "yeah but she loves kendall."

he chuckled, "that may be so. but that doesn't mean you don't have a chance. you deserve the best selena. and if that's sam and she makes you happy then...go for it."

i smiled gratefully at him, "thank you so much."

"of course." he said and hugged me.

he kissed my cheek and left.

i sighed and sat on the couch, watching sam talk about her career and her new movie.

"and how are you and kendall doing?" the guy asked.

sam chuckled, "we're good. thanks. kendall's amazing. she's at home right now."

"you asked her to move in correct?" he asked.


sam smiled, "i did. we bought a house just on the coast of the beach on LA and we were in new york for a while and i bought a pent house in tribeca, right near where my mom lives. and she was right new york is a dream. i love going there it's just beautiful. she is leaving tomorrow for london for a fashion show but i have to stay here for my work."

"and recently you and kendall went to Ghana, Africa right?"

"yeah! with UNICEF. it was amazing helping those kids. giving them water and food and playing with them. i love seeing them happy and i just love helping people so when i bring a smile to someone's face i feel blessed. and kendall and i came back different people honestly. that trip was totally life changing. we can't wait to go back."

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