Chapter 89

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august 14, 2022

brantley and alison: 1 year and 3 months old

sam pov

the RED tour is officially over and we are in my house in california.

mom is staying with selena and i, with of course amanda and jeremy.

i offered for karlie to and she took the offer.

so i've got a pretty full house here.

i felt a kiss on my cheek, "morning." selena's raspy morning voice greeted me and i smiled at her, "morning gorgeous."

she flashed a grin at me and brantley and alison were making their way into the kitchen slowly and i grinned, "look at you guys go!"

taylor pov

"face it taylor. you're pathetic. sad, ugly. you have nothing going for you. i am surprised you can look at yourself in the mirror. i cheated on you for a reason." ezra said to me with a sinister grin on his lips.

"shut up." i tried to say but it came out weak.

"come back to me taylor. be mine." he said, stepping closer to me.

"i can make you happy. you'll be prettier with me. worth something. leave sam behind."

i widened my eyes and backed up, "w-what? no i can't leave sam."

"yes you can. and you will. it's either me or sam taylor. your choice."

i crinkled my eyebrows.

"that's not fair."

"you'd love some adopted girl more than your husband?"

i was at a loss for worse.


"it's always sam. i get it. it will always be sam. but what happens when she decides to finally leave you for a real life? a life with her family? her wife and kids? then where will you be? that's right. you'll be left with me."

i shot up in bed, sweat beads on my forehead.

i groaned and rubbed my eyes as i got out of bed.

"hey! morning. i took amanda and jeremy to school an hour ago." karlie said as she saw me in the hallway.

i smiled weakly, "thanks karls."

i walked downstairs and sat at the counter.

"coffee." i told selena and she poured me a cup.

i sighed and sipped it.

"rough night?" my daughter's voice questioned and i felt a wind and saw she sat herself next to me.

"sort of."

she nodded, "anything i can help you with?"


i put my empty coffee mug down and stood up to walk to the couch.

"mom. hey." sam's warm hand gripped my arm softly. when i turned to meet her blue eyes i felt a large lump in my throat.

"what's going on with you?" she questioned me. i sighed, "nothing samantha. i'm fine. really. just go back to your wife and family." i said and walked upstairs.

sam pov

i looked at selena worriedly and she nodded, "go talk to her."

i nodded and ran upstairs to catch up with her.

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