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Chapter 39

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3 weeks later

taylor pov

it's been 3 weeks since the disaster and their divorce is today.

sam died her hair back to blonde.

she has to go to sign the papers and everything and she has been a wreck ever since selena told her about it.

i don't know how to help her.

of course i am doing everything in my power to help sam but in the end she only wants selena.

it's not like i have made no progress though.

i got sam out of the house and she has hung out with justin, miley, kylie and even kendall.

i know kendall likes sam but kendall is also smart.

she knows how fragile sam is right now and she won't push sam into anything.

selena and i still talk of course.

i don't like what she is doing to sam but i also don't like what sam did.

but she's my daughter.

and i love her no matter what.

when it comes down to it i will always pick sam over anything and anyone.

i really hope sam doesn't know what selena has been up to though.

i heard that she got a boyfriend...zedd.

i really hope they are just rumors though because sam would be even more broken.

"sammy let's go hon." i said up the stairs.

sam walked down in a black suit jacket and black pants.

she brushed her hair out, and slightly curled it.

"yeah..." she said.

i smiled and walked over to her.

i fixed some of her makeup by blending it more and smiled.

i kissed her forehead, "you look. beautiful."

"thanks mom..." she said quietly.

"let's go." i said and we walked out, to the car.

paparazzi hounded us in front of the court house.

sam took my hand and i comforted her by holding it tightly.

we got in and were greeted by justin, kylie, kendall, miley, selena and....oh shit...zedd.

sam pov

when i walked into the court room my eyes instantly landed on selena.

she was smiling at something.

then she threw her head back laughing and i smiled.

i looked at who she was talking to and my smile faded.

zedd. he's an EDM DJ.

selena laughed again and put her hand on his arm.

my eye twitched, "sam. you okay?" my mom said.

selena shot her head around and looked at me.

she looked at my outfit and looked down.

she said something to zedd and he nodded and kissed her cheek.

my cheeks heated up in jealousy.

selena walked over.

"hey taylor." she said and hugged mom.

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