Chapter 83

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sam pov

i woke up and sat up in my now cube.

i looked to my left and saw Pennsatucky.

i groaned and sat up.

i grabbed my towel and shampoo, along with soap and conditioner.

i wrapped my nude body in my towel and made my way to the bathrooms with my sandals they gave us on.

"morning swift. sleep tight?" vause asked me.

i chuckled and dropped my towel, getting into one of the showers.

"like a baby vause." i said.

"good. cause it's visitation day and i'm guessing your family is coming."

i smiled, "yeah. my wife and my kids." i said and grinned.

she smiled and i let the water cleanse me.

alex started humming a song and i listened.

i smiled, "what about love. what about our promises. what about love. you take it all, and leave me nothing." i sang lowly.

everybody heard and we all just literally broke out into a number.

"hey! stop singing and start cleaning!" an officer shouted.

we laughed and i got my towel back on.

yes we were all naked but it's jail for fucks sake.


"are you okay in here? have you had any trouble?" selena asked.

i smiled and bounced ali and brant on my thigh.

"i'm fine babe. i promise. how about you? how are things at home?" i asked.

she sighed, "lonely." she took my hand and fiddled with my fingers.

"touching." an officer scolded.

i sighed and gave them a pleading look.

they sighed and nodded, knowing i wouldn't do anything bad.

i smiled and put the twins in their stroller.

i took selena's hands and she smiled.

"i hate waking up every morning and having half of the bed freezing cold and empty. i hate that feeling." i nodded and rubbed the back of her hands.

"i know baby. i know. i miss you too. i wish i could hold you at night again or...something." i said and looked down, sad.

"one problem at a time though right? at least the mariah thing is over."

i chuckled, "yeah. i just want to get out of here. the media will be raging like crazy." i said and groaned.

"got that right. your sister and brother were even asked questions. and so was ezra. they are onto our whole family. we can't catch a break." selena said and rolled her eyes.

"i'm so sorry... i know it's my fault. god if taylor just never adopted me this wouldn't have ever happened." i said and looked down.

"sam hey." selena said and squeezed my hands.

i looked at her and she said, "don't you ever say that again. this isn't your fault. you're human. you make mistakes. and if taylor never adopted you i would've never known what true, pure love felt like. we wouldn't have our beautiful children. and taylor wouldn't of had you to help her get rid of harry or she wouldn't have met ezra."

i chuckled, "i did all of that?"

she smiled, "yes! and so much more sam! you changed the world. you are a role model to billions of people. and you aren't afraid to  express your gender fluidity."

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