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Chapter 3

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sam pov

"so what ezactly is a bowl-a-rama?" selena asked.

"it's a skateboarding competition. i've been practicing non-stop since my first competition. it's sick to watch. there are 10 contestants this year and this season. i'm going up  against the most highest ranked and elite boarders out there around the world."

"wow. sounds legit." she said.

i chuckled, "it is. if i come in first, i win $2 million."

"WHAT?! oh my god sam!" demi and selena screeched.

i chuckled, "yeah. i guess it's a pretty big deal huh?"

"YOU THINK?!" demi shouted. i laughed and shrugged, "oh well. i guess i'll just have to win." i said and smiled and kissed selena's lips.

i pulled my car over, "ready?" i asked them.


we got out and i looked at the skatepark on the beach.

everyone was laready here.

mom pulled up beside me and her and ezra walked out with mandi in mom's arms.

"sam! sam! are you excited for the competition?" reporters asked me.

i smiled and got my board and snapback out of my car, "yeah. i'm stoked. can't wait." i said and took selena's waist in my arm and we walked towards the contestants area.

"sam! is your whole family here today?"

"yeah. they're all here to support me."

"selena are you proud of sam?"

she smiled and put her arm on my shoulder closest to her, "yes i am!" she said and kissed my cheek.

i smiled and some girls ran over, "sam! can we have a picture?"

i smmiled, "of course."

i hugged all of them and took a selfie with them.

"thanks sam! we're rooting for you!"

i smiled and waved to them, "thanks guys!"

"so. i'll ee you guys out there. only one person is allowed with me over there." i said, pointing to my spot as i went up to the table.

"swift." i said.

they ndded, "you're in black." they gave me the black dry fit shirt.

i nodded and pulled my shirt off, "sam. we're in public." selena scolded.

i laughed, "babe. relax. im wearing a sportsbra." i said and kissed her lips.

i put my shirt on and went to the table for ripcurl and saw tommy sitting there.

"hey sam good luck out there today ya?"

i smiled, "thanks tommy."

he smiled and handed me my black vans half cab shoes.

i grabbed my pro, black board with two S's on it.

one was standing straight up and the other  sideways on top of it, with a circle around them.

"S S?" selena sked.

i smmiled, "yeah. sam selena."

she smiled, "aww. you're so romantic." she said and wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me.

i smiled.

"hey swift." i turned around and saw carly mason.

"hey carly." i said unenthusiastically.

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