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Powerful Emotions- Ezra Fitz by jessie_bell2001
Powerful Emotions- Ezra Fitzby Slytherin Queen
She, Mia, was Alison's twin sister; Don't worry she's nothing like Alison. But that doesn't mean she wont kill whoever killed her.
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Eternal Flame by _haler
Eternal Flameby _haler
Set after the finale. What some call their "happy ending" is just the beginning of their new adventure. How will Aria and Ezra deal with the ups and downs of t...
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Lucian/Ezria One-shozs by favoritelucy
Lucian/Ezria One-shozsby favoritelucy
Some one-shots because why not?
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gAmes ➶ Noel Kahn by simplyhale
gAmes ➶ Noel Kahnby sofia ッ🌹
"You think you can win? Game on bitch" {PRETTY LITTLE LIARS} {AU: different storyline) cover: @biebogilinskers
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PLL imagines by Spraycherry
PLL imaginesby Smolderhalder
Imagines and preferences about the boys of Pretty Little Liars. Includes Toby, Mike, Noel, Caleb, Ezra and Jason. I do not own any of the characters of Pretty Little Lia...
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Ezria One-Shots by olxitz_
Ezria One-Shotsby Katie
These are a collection of ezria one shots! Feel free to request one!
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DiLaurentis / Pretty Little Liars by lettersfromA
DiLaurentis / Pretty Little Liarsby A
"Hush, Hush, Lia. It's time for you to go to bed.. -A"
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Ezria Endgame by CaitlinQuinn6
Ezria Endgameby Caitlin Quinn
A series of one shots which will include the past, present and the future.
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Pretty Little Ezria by lostwriter2805
Pretty Little Ezriaby Lost Writer🔥
After receiving threatening texts and having her life put at risk, Aria and her boyfriend Ezra get some good news. But could it lead to everything being worse than befor...
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The Bad Boy's Roomate by SpobyxFanfics
The Bad Boy's Roomateby aalaiba66
Spencer Hastings has finally got accepted into the university of her dreams, Upenn. She cant wait to follow in her older sister, Melissa's, footsteps and make her parent...
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Rosewood Summer Vacation by caitlinneil7
Rosewood Summer Vacationby caitlinneil7
Spencer Hastings hasn't seen her friends in what feels like years. They went their separate ways after A.D was revealed and they finally felt safe. Alison and Emily has...
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Why now? by PLLFANFIC2K17
Why now?by Temera
Aria is pregnant with Ezra's baby at the age of 17. Ezra breaks up with aria before she tells him she is pregnant. Ezra's still aria's Teacher. Aria stays at Spencer's...
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Ezria: Come back to me  by omgezria
Ezria: Come back to me by Ezria❤️❤️
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GOOD LIAR • PRETTY LITTLE LIARS by leahsayshiorhey
PRETTY LITTLE LIARS | "we all eat lies, when our hearts are hungry" Halle Brewster made a promise she would never tell the secrets of the summer Alison DiLaure...
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Warm hands // ezria by ariamariefitz
Warm hands // ezriaby ariamariefitz
Ezria pregnancy story ❤️
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Pinky Promise? (ezria) by curvaceouswords
Pinky Promise? (ezria)by em
"You should see the way she looks at you...it's like you're the ocean and she's desperate to drown."
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EZRIA| One Shots by ezriafitgomery
EZRIA| One Shotsby ezriagurll
*Sequel to A-Z One Shots*
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Girl Walks Into A Bar by GrimLiFiendish
Girl Walks Into A Barby GrimLiFiendish
Aria ends up at a bar after arguing with Ezra and she runs into a couple old friends and Ezra goes to see an old friend. will their relationship or will they discover f...
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keep me counting  ➳  j. dilaurentis by hcneydew
keep me counting ➳ j. dilaurentisby hcneydew
"moutain, mountain, keep me counting, crumble slow so i don't see." ➳ in which jason is confused and desperately in love with someone her shouldn't love, an ol...
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preferences for the boys of pll.
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