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Powerful Emotions- Ezra Fitz by jessie_bell2001
Powerful Emotions- Ezra Fitzby Slytherin Queen
She, Mia, was Alison's twin sister; Don't worry she's nothing like Alison. But that doesn't mean she wont kill whoever killed her.
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bad reputation || mike montgomery  by olethrus
bad reputation || mike montgomery by πόρνη
❝ she got a bad reputation, nobody gets too close. a sight of a soul when it's breaking, making my heart grow cold and into the deeper she's sinking i'm begging her plea...
  • jennamarshall
  • tobycavanaugh
  • jasondilaurentis
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Ezria season 6 by Ezriaisforever
Ezria season 6by Ezriaisforever
I decided to pick up where we left off in season 6 because we all know that maybe Ezria might not be as interesting so I decided to give it to you.
  • ariamontgomery
  • pll
  • ezria
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Never Ending Love (Ezria) by rosewoodwelcomesyou
Never Ending Love (Ezria)by pll fanatic
Sometimes, love between two people never ends. You can bend, twist, and fold their relationship, but they always stay close. You can separate them, make them date other...
  • love
  • joy
  • ariamontgomery
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University Life - School, Friends, Relationships by SarahSchneider8
University Life - School, Friends...by Sarah Schneider
Follow a group of friends plus more through their life journey. Spencer, Hanna, Aria, Emily, and Alison are all taking classes at UCLA. They live in a l...
  • alisondilaurentis
  • drama
  • plllivingtogether
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Pretty Little Liars one shots by Pll_funny
Pretty Little Liars one shotsby Pll_funny
Random PLL one shots Any ship Not mine COMPLETED
  • troianbellisario
  • spanna
  • ashleybenson
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Pretty Little Liars Imagines and Preferences by Zayna_Unicorn
Pretty Little Liars Imagines and P...by Supernatural_love
"Got a secret can you keep it"🎶 I am really bad at descriptions but I hope you like my book😊
  • imagines
  • jasondilaurentis
  • prettylittleliars
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preferences for the boys of pll.
  • jasondilaurentis
  • spoby
  • haleb
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gAmes ➶ Noel Kahn by simplyhale
gAmes ➶ Noel Kahnby sofia ッ🌹
"You think you can win? Game on bitch" {PRETTY LITTLE LIARS} {AU: different storyline) cover: @biebogilinskers
  • troianbellisario
  • cute
  • ariamontgomery
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PLL imagines by Spraycherry
PLL imaginesby Smolderhalder
Imagines and preferences about the boys of Pretty Little Liars. Includes Toby, Mike, Noel, Caleb, Ezra and Jason. I do not own any of the characters of Pretty Little Lia...
  • liars
  • mikemontgomery
  • calebrivers
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After The Book - Pretty Little Liars FanFiction by rkm0ethma
After The Book - Pretty Little Lia...by RKM♡
Aria is a 18 year old student at rosewood high school and was in a relationship with her English teacher Ezra Fitz. Well, that was until she found out about the book. N...
  • ezrafitzgerald
  • hannamarin
  • ariamontgomert
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Pretty Little Liars Preferences and Imagines by lizzy3102
Pretty Little Liars Preferences an...by Pisces ♓️
Preferences and Imagines of Jason Ezra Toby Caleb Mike Noel
  • wattys2018
  • imagines
  • wattys2017
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Pretty little lairs  by Chasity10000
Pretty little lairs by Chasity10000
This is in the future when their back from college A sends them a text message and A knows all their dirty little Secrets their back where they was in high school we the...
  • ezrafitz
  • tobycavanaugh
  • hannamarin
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Bright Like A Diamond~Ezria by Juvelia00
Bright Like A Diamond~Ezriaby Juliaa
This is a story about Aria and Ezra. Aria is a very popular and cute girl in high school. Ezra is in college. Aria is a very good writer, but not so many people knows t...
  • ezria
  • prettylittleliars
  • ezra
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Ezria One-Shots by olxitz_
Ezria One-Shotsby Katie
These are a collection of ezria one shots! Feel free to request one!
  • pll
  • ariamontgomery
  • oneshots
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Ezria-The perfect love story by Fanfic_8
Ezria-The perfect love storyby Fanfic_8
This is the life of Aria Montgomery and Ezra fitz
  • ezriaendgame
  • fanfiction
  • ariamontgomery
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Pretty Little Liars|| Imagines & Preferences by Wreck-it-Ralph123X
Pretty Little Liars|| Imagines & P...by Daddy
Imagines for the girls from Pretty Little Liars |Characters| •Spencer •Alison •Emily •Aria •Hanna •Mona •Melissa •Charlotte OC/Reader G!P
  • monavanderwaal
  • cecedrake
  • calebrivers
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Pretty Little Liars Preferences by dilaurentisx
Pretty Little Liars Preferencesby PrettyLittleLiars
Ever wondered what it would be like to be with one of the PLL guys? Wonder no more... Preferences include Ezra, Caleb, Toby, Jason, Mike, Wren, Noel, and Andrew. All rig...
  • tobycavanaugh
  • emilyfields
  • calebrivers
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1| BAD THINGS [PRETTY LITTLE LIARS] by FiftyShadesofposey
"Because didn't you hear? Good girls do bad things some times." Faye Bradley and her twin brother Alec moved to the small town of rosewood years ago with their...
  • pain
  • hannamarin
  • tobycavanaugh
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keep me counting  ➳  j. dilaurentis by hcneydew
keep me counting ➳ j. dilaurentisby hcneydew
"moutain, mountain, keep me counting, crumble slow so i don't see." ➳ in which jason is confused and desperately in love with someone her shouldn't love, an ol...
  • ariamontgomery
  • emilyfields
  • calebrivers
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