Chapter 5

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sam pov

"sam. wake up honey. we're home."

i opened my eyes and saw mom.

she was smiling at me.

i sat up and looked out the window. oh i've missed LA.

i stood up and got my bag.

i looked at selena and smiled.

she rolled her eyes and walked away.

"she's mad at me?" i asked mom.

"well sam you did break your promise. you did some pretty bad things."

"yeah but i'm in college! i was just having some fun." i said and pouted.

mom laughed and put her arm around my shoulder.

"oh baby girl. when will you learn. selena is disappointed. yes you are in college but that doesn't give you the right to drink and do drugs behind her back."

i sighed, "UGHHHH fine."

she laughed.


when we finally got home selena ignored me and walked inside.

i walked next to mom and i heard screams, "SISSY!"

mandi rounded the corner and lunged into my arms.

i laughed, "hey mands! i missed you!"

i lifted her up and kissed her cheek.

she smiled and giggled.

"what are chu doing hwome?"

i laughed at her speaking, "i messed up babes. big time." i admitted.

"what did chu do?"

i smiled and looked at selena who was now watching, "i made a mistake baby. i did something i shouldn't have behind mom's back. and selly."

mandi nodded, "ohhhh." i smiled and ruffled her hair.

i stood up, "hey ezra."

he smiled softly, "hey sam." he said and hugged me.

when we pulled away mom smiled, "well. go get dressed into some old clothes and we can talk about what we can figure out and do okay?"

i smiled, "yeah."

i ran upstairs and into my old room.

i smiled and put my bag down.

i took my shirt off and took out my sports bra.

i observed my old scar from the bullet.

i looked in the mirror and saw a figure in it.

i turned around, "hey." i said to selena.

she was staring at my scar, "i didn't know it was still that bad..." she said.

i sighed, "it's not. just a scar."

she walked in, "that you got from me."

i grabbed her hands, "i didn't get the scar from you selena. it was the guy. and we talked about this. you aren't allowed to feel sorry got it?"

she nodded and cleared her throat.

"anyways. i should go."

she turned around but i grabbed her wrist, "sel. i'm sorry okay? i know i went behind your back."

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