Chapter 76

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sam pov

"sam swift, assaulting a paparazzi, breaking his camera."

"sam swift lashes out at paparazzi and even attacks him."

"sam swift falling off the rails again?"

"the question does taylor and selena feel about this?"

the tv shut off and my publicist, tree paine. also my mom's sighed.

"really sam?"

"look he was saying all of this crap about me and selena and he pushed her tree!"

"sam i don't care what happened! you can't lash out like that! this means bad publicity, again for you."

i chuckled, "so what? let them think whatever the hell they want tree. i'm already hollywood's badass and rebel. i am gender fluid and act like a dude. you seriously think i give 2 shits?"

she groaned, "SAM! you owe the guy $2 million for his damned camera! you have lashed out before but not worth millions of dollars."

i sighed and looked at mom who noticed i was asking for help.

she looked at tree.

"tree look. sam made another mistake yes. but think about it. if this is the worse it can get then what is the big deal? it can't get worse than this." mom said.

i smiled gratefully.

"thanks mom."

tree looked at her phone and groaned, "just got worse."

"what? how?" i asked.

"well it seems that some girl is saying you got her pregnant."

"WHAT?! that's impossible! i'm a girl and i didn't sleep with another woman besides selena!" i yelled.

i looked at selena and she was in shock.

"she says that you told her you're a transgender and you used to be a guy so you have sperm in you or some weird shit and you guys had sex and when got on her and the sperm found an egg and she had a baby."

"how old is the kid?" i asked.


i sighed, "that's bullshit! i have always been a girl my whole life! what the hell is her name?!"

"mariah yeater. she has a daughter and claims she is yours."

i scoffed, "that's bullshit tree! i didn't get any girl pregnant! i haven't slept with any girl besides selena or kendall in my whole life! she's lying!" i shouted and stood up.

"sam. relax babes." mom said.

"no i'm not gonna relax! number one she said i'm a transgender. she says i used to be a dude?! fuck that shit! i am gender fluid! but i most certainly was never a guy and i am pretty sure i never had a dick in my life! i want to see her. what does she look like?" i said.

tree sighed and showed me her phone.

"i never met her." i said flatly.

"sam you meet a lot of people." selena said.

"you believe her?!" i shouted.

"no sam i'm not saying that! i'm saying that you meet so many fans. you probably did greet her but you forgot." selena said.

i sighed, "why me? why me out of everyone? it's offensive what she's saying about me. it's humiliating." i said and put my hands in my hair.

"i'll see what i can do sam. just try to focus on your music okay? and your family. go away for christmas. do something fun." she said and smiled.

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