Chapter 75

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1 week later

sam pov

"so sam. your mom is awake and home correct?" ellen asked.

i smiled, "yeah. she's resting at the moment. ezra is with her right now, keeping an eye on her."

she nodded, "and how is that for a birthday present?" she asked.

everyone cheered.

"it's the best gift in the whole world ellen. i thought she was gone again but when she woke up i felt like the happiest person in the world." everybody awed and i chuckled.

"so what are you planning for the holidays coming up?" she asked.

"i just want to be with my family this christmas. with the kids and everything. my mom and dad, and my siblings. we haven't spent much time together as one family so hopefully we can all be together." i said and smiled.

"amazing. and do you have any music coming soon?"

"oh yeah definitely. i'm working on my first official album right now. when my mom is all healed up she is going to be on tour for RED and i am tagging along with her."

everyone screamed at that.

"okay so...let's talk about your biggest fear." she said.

"oh god." i said and laughed.

"it's okay. so you are afraid of...clowns?"

everyone cracked up.

"they're freaking scary as hell! nobody should be wearing that much make up! it's scary!" i shouted.

she laughed, "why are you afraid of them?"

"if you saw one close up you'd be trerrified! they're just...ugh."

"SAM!" someone screamed in my ear.

i screamed and turned to the person and screamed, "HOLY GOD!" i jumped back, onto ellen's lap and hid my head in her stomach.

everybody laughed at me.

the clown ran away laughing and i shakily got back into my seat.

"oh my god. you have a problem." she said.

i chuckled nervously.


"okay so...your other fear."

"no. please no more." i begged and she laughed at me.

"you are afraid of googling yourself?" she said.

i nodded.

"why?" she asked while laughing.

i laughed and sat up, "my mom and i both hate googling ourselves! it is scary! they always have stuff about us on there!"

"well duh! if you google yourself there will be stuff about you."

i laughed and shook my head, "sometimes...most of the times they aren't true though. and it's scary cause people believe that crap. their problems are in the halls at problems are on a magazine in my grocery store or broadcasted on the news or is on google."

she chuckled, "let's google you right now. give me my computer." she said and they brough out a big ass computer.

"what the hell is that?!" i said and laughed.

"my computer."

"from what the early 1900s?" i said and laughed.

"that thing's a dinosaur." i said and looked at the big computer.

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