Chapter 31

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sam pov

"you're kendall jenner."

she smiled, "and you are the post dead girl i assume? sam right?"

i smiled and bowed, "the one and only."

she giggled and it was pretty cute...what? no sam you're married to selena. stop it.

"what are you doing at the gym? don't you have a brain injury?"

i chuckled, "yeah. but i got to get back in shape and all. and i'm pretty much healed so i'm fine."

"good to know. then wanna go on the treadmill?" she asked.

i smiled, "i don't see why not."

we walked over to the treadmill and started slow.

"ready to speed it up a little brain girl?" kendall asked.

i smirked, "duh."

we kicked it up and went faster and ran until we couldn't anymore.

we laughed and took a short break, getting water and we went to the ropes.

we worked out and laughed and talked for the next few hours or so.

"wait wait. let's take a selfie." she said.

i chuckled and we walked to the big mirror and she tilted her head and smiled while i had my sunglasses on and a black tank with black leggings on.

she took the picture and smiled.

"we are so squad." she said.

i laughed, "squad? really?"

"hey! it's cool."

i chuckled and shook my head then got a notification on instagram.

i took out my phone and opened it.

met this chick at the gym today. new bestie? XP #gymbuds


i giggled and liked it.

then she followed me.

"and even a follow? wow. this is just my lucky day." i joked.

she laughed, "well aren't you gonna follow me back?"

i shrugged, "eh."

she gasped and playfully hit me, "sam!"

i laughed and followed her, "there. all done pouty." she smiled, "yay!"

my phone rang and i looked at it.

selena <3

i smiled and answered, "hey beautiful."

"hey! when are you going to be home?"

"soon. i'm am just with kendall at the gym." i said and looked at kendall who smiled.


"yeah. she's cool. we just met here."

"oh. that's great sam. um. so will you be home soon?"

"yeah i will. i love you babe."

"you too baby."

"bye sel."

"bye sam."

i hung up and smiled, "that was selena." i said explaining.

kendall nodded, "okay. cool. how are you guys doing anyways?"

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