Chapter 17 ~The Wedding~

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wedding day

sam pov

i breathed out shakily, "okay sam. you can do this. you've been waiting you whole life for this day ever since you were a little girl..."


"daddy! daddy look!" i sprinted in the room and my ad smiled at me, "hey. whatchya got there sport?"

i smiled and held up a plastic ring from the cereal box.

"i'm gonna get married daddy! i got a ring!" my 6 year old self squealed.

he chuckled, "yeah not on my watch. the only guy you will ever be marrying is me. my baby girl is too young to leave me already! am i that old?"

i giggled at him, "no."

he smiled and kissed my cheek, "well good. now if you want. i'll marry you."

i smiled and nodded.

he gasped, "well then!" he got down on one knee and took the ring, "samantha rose davis. will you do the honors of marrying me?"

i giggled and nodded.

he smiled and slid the ring onto my delicate finger and picked me up and kissed me.

"i love you sammy."

"i love you too daddy."

end of flashback

knock knock

"come in."

i stared at myself in the mirror and i saw mom standing in the mirror.

"you look beautiful sammy." she said and walked over.

i smiled, "thanks mom."

she fixed the collar of my uniform and straightened it out.

"god. look at you. getting married. my baby girl's getting married." she started tearing up.

"mom. please don't cry. i'm still your baby girl. always have been. always will be."

she smiled and nodded, "i know."

"and selena looks beautiful by the way." she said.

i smiled, "she could look amazing in a trash bag. i wouldn't doubt that she looks gorgeous."

mom smiled and chuckled, "you're so good to her. i'm so proud of you. now go! get out there."

i chuckled and took mom's hand.

we walked down the isle together and i kissed her before walking up to the altar. since i made her my maid of honor she walked up next to me.

music started playing.

my palms got sweaty and my body shook but i kept my composure.

mandi skipped up the isle, throwing white petals everywhere.

then i saw her.

a beautiful angel walked out of the doors.

smiling brightly.

she walked down and kissed her dad and mom.

they sat down and she walked up the steps, demi to the side.

i took her gentle hands into mine and smiled. i kissed her cheek, "you look gorgeous." i whispered.

she smiled, "thank you. so do you."

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