Chapter 82

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sam pov

i landed on the ground with a thump.

i groaned, "ahh." i said as i sat up.

my vision was blurry and i looked back at the house i blew up.

i looked around, "mom? MOM!" i screamed.

i stood up, wobbling while i walked around.

i saw her laid down on the ground, her blonde hair covering her face.

i ran over.

"mom! mom wake up!" i shouted.

i shook her, "mommy! mommy please!" i cried out.

her closed eyes tightened and loosened, then opened, looking at me.

she smiled, "hey sweet girl. i'm here. i'm here sammy." i smiled and hugged her.

police sirens wailed and mom looked at the house.

"sam what did you do." she said.

"i got rid of her mom. i got rid of terry." i said.

police ran over, "police put your hands up!" they shouted.

i froze and looked at them.

the firefighters put out the fire and they handcuffed me and mom.

"what?! let me go!" i shouted.

"sam!" selena yelled.

i sighed and looked at her, trying to break through the cuffs.

"you two are under arrest for damage to a public, community home, belonging to the state of california."

"it's my fucking house dip shit! let me go!" i yelled.

"you have the right to remain silent..." they babbled on and mom glared at me as we were shoved into the car and driven away.


"i can't believe this...jail! jail sam! you got us thrown in fucking jail!" mom shouted as she slammed her hands on the bars.

i sighed, "it's not that big of a deal-"


i shrugged, "in my defense. you technically didn't stop me."

she glared at me, "not now sam."

"hey blondie. why don't you come over here swifty nifty." a large woman said with a smirk.

mom sighed and sat down.

the woman walked over to her, "how about if you are mine. we can make our own love story." she said and winked.

mom shifted as the woman played with her hair.

"get away from her." i hissed.

"or what? what you gonna do?" she said and smirked.

i walked over, "get away from my mother."

"but she's so pretty. i wanna taste how amazing that pu-" before she could finish i punched her across the face.

she screamed and took me, slamming my body into the bars.

i cried out and she punched my gut over and over again.

"hey! hey get off my daughter!" mom yelled and kicked the woman in the leg.

she grabbed my mom by the hair and threw her against the wall.

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