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Chapter 29

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sam pov

i woke up with a burning sensation in my throat.

i stood up and collapsed.

i looked at selena but she was still sleeping.

i used my cane and quickly made it down the hall to the nearest bathroom.

i smacked the door open and threw up in the toilet.

I coughed and threw up again.

"Sam?" I heard mom say.

I looked up at her painfully and threw up again.

She ran over to me and pulled my hair back, tying it into a messy bun.

She put her hand on my back as i puked up my fucking guts.

"It hurts mom it hurts." I cried out and puked again.

she kissed my sweaty neck and held me, "shh. It's just one of your symptoms baby. It's okay. You'll be okay."

I puked again and sat back, falling into my mom's warm arms. I wiped my mouth and sobbed into her arms.

"I want it to end." I whispered.

"I know baby. I know."

I gripped her shirt, "i'm trying to be strong for selena but i can't take it mom. I can't." I whispered into her stomach.

Taylor pov

As sam said that i looked up at the ceiling as tears dripped from my eyes.

This is my sammy.

I love it when she opens up to me like this.

I sighed and gently stroked my figers through her hair, "you don't have to be strong sam. You went through something horrible. It's okay to be scared and in pain."

She sobbed into me in response.

i can't be more happy that my daughter is back and she is safe.

that's all i could possibly care about.

she finally calmed down and sighed.

"done?" i asked.

she nodded weakly and i flushed the toilet for her and helped her stand up.

"i wink i'm gwanna sit down." she said.

i scrunched my eyebrows.

oh yeah. the doctor said her speech will be impaired at times.

"okay. sure." i led her to the couch downstairs and slowly helped her sit down.

"i'll get you some tea okay? just relax baby." i said and kissed her forehead.

i went over and started boiling water when i felt two muscular arms wrap around my waist.

"morning beautiful." ezra whispered into my ear.

i smiled and turned my head and planted a sweet but gentle kiss on his lips, "hey handsome."

"who's the tea for? you usually have coffee in the morning."

i smiled, "i know. it's for sam. she threw up this morning and she is having a hard time with her brain injury so i thought that tea would help ease her nerves."

he smiled, "i love how thoughtful you are."

"mom?" i turned to see amanda walking over.

"hey honey. how was your sleep?" i asked my 7 year old daughter.

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