Chapter 20

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sam pov

"well sam since you're leaving tonight we decided to do a little something." ellen said and smiled.

"should i be scared?" i said and chuckled.

she laughed, "no...but." she pulled me off my seat and pushed a button.

the curtain opened and a bunch of people stood there, "WE'LL MISS YOU SAM!" they all screamed.

confetti fell from the ceiling and i laughed, "you guys!" my mom came out and i smiled.

she slowly walked over and i hugged her tightly.

"i love you so much sam." she whispered.

"i love you too mom." i pulled away and hugged ezra and kissed little jeremy who is now a year old.

then mandi who is 6 i think? haha

"i love you sissy." i smiled and kissed her.

"i love you too baby girl."

i hugged everyone until i came across one...justin.

he smiled.

"hey sam."

i smiled, "hey jay. how have you been?"

"good. pretty good. congratulations by the way." he said.

i smiled again, "thanks. thank you for being here." i said and hugged him.

he hugged me back, "it's great to see you. i think it's amazing what you are doing. and selena is very lucky. but basikng on the look on her face something tells me you should go be with your wife." he said and chuckled.

i turned around and saw selena look away once she saw me.

i chuckled.

"yeah. it was good seeing you again jay. see you around." i said and walked over to selena.

she didn't look at me.

i chuckled and wrapped my arms around her from behind while everyone danced and talked.

"someone's jealous." i mocked.

"no i'm not..." she grumbled.

"yes you are. i saw the way you were looking at justin and i."

she rolled her eyes, "whatever. you have a right to talk to him even though he is your ex-boyfriend and all and i'm just your wife but no. it's fine go on ahead."

i laughed and kissed her cheek, "sel. i love you. if i didn't i would've never said those vows and i wouldn't have given you that ring. and let's not mention that i'm kind of a lesbian if you haven't noticed so...guys don't really...interest me." i whispered against her neck and kissed her neck.

she moaned lightly and closed her eyes.

she leaned her head back and turned around in my arms and kissed me passionately.

everyone cheered and clapped and i knew they were all looking at us.

we pulled away and selena looked around and giggled.

she started blushing and getting embarassed.

i laughed and pulled her into me, her head resting perfectly on my chest.

i pulled away and kissed her forehead.

"sam we have a little surprise for you. your mother does actually." ellen said and smiled.

i laughed, "oh god." i said and turned around to see my mother standing there, guitar in her hands.

i smiled,

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