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Chapter 36

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Next morning

Sam pov

"What time is it?" I asked kendall as we layed down on her bed.

She looked at her phone, "8:47 AM"

I groaned, "i should get back." I said and stood up.

She whined, "nooo."

I chuckled and grabbed my phone.

I looked at it, 27 missed calls from selena and 17 from mom.

Then everything registered and reality hit me like a bullet.

"Fuck...i'm so dead." I said and sat down.

"What's wrong?" Kendall said sweetly and crawled over, placing her hand on my shoulder.

I shook my head, "i just cheated on my wife..."

I opened my eyes and looked at kendall sadly.

"she'll never forgive me...my marriage is over." I said and felt a tear drip from my eye.

kendall looked at me sincerely.

"Maybe it's not so bad. Selena doesn't have to know. Everything will be okay i promise."

I nodded, "yeah i guess..."

I stood up amd got dressed in a hurry. "i should go. I'll see you."

I said quickly and left, my heart beating loudly against my chest.


When i got home i walked inside and saw mom sleeping on the couch. I went up to mine and selena's room and slowly opened the door.

She was laying down, still sleeping.

I walked over and pulled the covers back and got in bed next to her.

You don't deserve her sam.

You're a cheater

I placed my hands on selena's waist and she opened her eyes and turned around, "sam?"

I smiled softly, "hey." I said.

"Where were you?"

Cheating on you...

"Nowhere important. What matters is i'm here now okay?"

She smiled and nodded. I saw tears drip from her eyes.

"You had me scared half to death sam. I'm sorry. I didn't want to fight. I love you so much. I don't ever want to lose you. I hate it when we fight."

You won't lose me i'm gonna lose you once you figure out how big of a dick i am.

"Me too. I love you too. Let's just get some sleep okay?"

She nodded and put her head in the crevice of my neck.

I sighed and held her closely to me.

"Are you okay babe? Your heart is racing." Selena said.

I smiled fakely, "that's what happens when i'm around you."

She giggled and finally went back to sleep.

I stayed up the whole time thinking about what i did.

We got into a fight so i got mad and had sex with someone? I'm a horrible wife... And a horrible person who can't be trusted.

This guilt is killing me.

Selena will never forgive me.


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